Returning To The Computer Supply Drawer

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And it’s back to finishing this one. Some time ago I took my computer supply drawer and made it easier to go through and find things I wanted. This week’s project was step two, going through and make some space. There were a lot of things I ended up throwing out, and some stuff I kept, while other stuff I grouped together. Let’s go through this week’s project.


Comic Report: Transformers & The Man Of Iron

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First I should apologize for no posting last week. I was sick, and when I recovered my efforts went to trying to get caught up on videos. The sell page will hopefully be done by the next report, but in the meantime, here are some Transformers comics that was a bit different from Marvel’s other issues.

At the time of the issues being reviewed today, Budiansky was writing the US comic, the Headmasters miniseries, and whatever else he might have been doing at the time. I don’t rightly know. So to ease his workload a bit, the first UK-exclusive storyline, “Man Of Iron”, was reprinted in the US. Since the UK creators didn’t have enough US stories to get a sense of the characters’ personalities (only the first four were produced, and the Transformers didn’t have a lot of personality in those stories) or Cybertronian history they made a few differences from what we’ve come to know. I usually put these two aside as a separate universe altogether from Marvel’s Transformers Universe. So how good is the story?

Transformers #33 & 34

The covers almost make it look like a time travel story. It isn’t.

The Transformers #s 33 & 34

Marvel Comics (October & November, 1987)

originally published in The Transformers (UK) #s 9-12

“Man Of Iron” parts 1-4
WRITER: Steve Parkhouse
ARTISTS: John Ridgeway (1&2) and Mike Collins (3&4)
COLORIST: Nel Yomtov (recolored from Josie Firmin (1&2) and Gina Hart (3&4), I can only judge Yomtov’s work)
LETTERER: Richard Starkings
EDITOR: Sheila Cranna


Cluttered Week


On the clutter side I got nothing done, including the project I had planned. I’ve been busy on projects and life this week. But I do have some plans that I hope to get working on.

  1. Finally getting to Video Game Clutter. I’ve had the first game scripted for almost a year, maybe longer. I now have access to a video capture device so at least I only need emulators for the Game Boy (regular and Advance) now.
  2. Speaking of going through my games I have a video project for the other site where I’ll be doing a “let’s play” of games with longform stories or at least a definite ending. These can then be turned into Video Game Clutter reviews that will be seen here and at a site called Reviewers Unknown where I contribute to.
  3. A selling page. I haven’t sold anything on eBay because I’ve been waiting to put money in my PayPal account. And I never seem to have the money available. So I’m going to try to sell through this site on a page that will offer purchasing information plus linking to my review. This is the project I wanted to do this week.

Things have been difficult and trying to turn the other site into a career has hit more than a few snags. I’m rethinking my future right now cleaning this clutter is still a part of it. Stay tuned and I hope to have an actual report next week.

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Comic Trade Report: Contest Of Champions: Marvel’s Finest Edition

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Over the past few weeks over at my other site I’ve been looking at a comic miniseries from Marvel called Marvel Super Heroes Contest Of Champions. Once I was finished with the individual comics that made up the trade I had planned to review the collection itself here. I hadn’t planned on doing the mini-comic review I did last week so that’s why you’re getting two comic reviews in a row. I’ll link to the individual reviews at the end of the article.

Contest Of Champions

Marvel Comics (August, 1999)

COVER ART: Pepe Moreno
DESIGN: JG & Comicraft’s Eric Eng Wong
dedicated to the memory of Mark Gruenwald


“Mini” Comic Report: Marvel/Drakes series 1

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Let’s  talk about Drake’s snack cakes because they’re good and they’re back. I’m so happy having my Coffee Cakes again. I thought they were gone for good when Hostess (who bout Drake’s before they shut down) came back and Drake’s didn’t. As much as love my Twinkees I do like a good Devil Dog now and then. Well, they’re back and I’m happy. To celebrate, we will take a look at the first set of Drake’s comics with Marvel Super Heroes!

Two series were produced and packed inside boxes of Drake’s different snack cakes: Ring Dings, Devil Dogs, Yodels, and Coffee Cakes. We mostly bought Coffee Cakes and Devil Dogs at the future clutter zone at the time and I don’t remember which was the “chase comic”. I may have a few multiples if I didn’t throw them out. However, I picked up all four of the first series and all five of the second one. Each had their own running story but the stories could also stand on their own, which is how I like it. Still, the running plot was enough to want to get all of the set, and thus Drake’s made much money and you gained a greater mass. Everyone wins but your body! But was it worth it?

Drake's Marvels S1

Shared credits: Eric Fein (writer) George Roussos (colorist) Rick Parker (letterer), Glenn Herdling (editor) and Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

The third comic has no credits but since these were the names on the other three it’s safe to assume they worked on that one, too. Let’s breeze through this because they’re really rather short.


Money Management Project

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A basic estimating spreadsheet.

A basic estimating spreadsheet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This posting is late, but that’s just been my luck lately. Between family stuff and snow stuff I’ve been too busy to work on personal stuff and it’s working my nerves a bit. Hopefully things will calm down by the end of the month.

In the meantime, my project, which I’m still in the middle of, is to organize my financial clutter and put together not only a workable budget but being able to put money aside for supplies I need for my art and video work. Writing part is easy since I just need a working computer. Still, I would like to upgrade that at some point.


Book Report: Total Recall novelization

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Total Recall was a 1990 movie directed by Paul Verhoeven and based on a short story by Phillip K. Dick called “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale“. The short story follows a man named Douglas Quail who learns that he’s had two past lives not through reincarnation but due to altered memories.

The movie that followed changed Quail’s last name to Quaid and was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. (A remake came out in 2012 but I haven’t seen it.) The screenplay by Donald Shusette, Dan O’Bannon, and Gary Goldman (with Jon Povill taking O’Bannon’s place for the full story) was adapted into a book by Avon Books with Piers Anthony as the writer. Most adaptations are based on earlier scripts, so lines are changed and scenes are added or removed. Sometimes scenes are added to fill out the book. A novel has different needs and skills from a movie. (There were also other adaptations; a comic by DC Comics and a few video games. I own the comic and the Interplay-produced NES game.) One thing Anthony did was expand on the origins of the alien machine at the heart of the story.

I’ve already reviewed the chapters one at a time as part of my other site’s “Chapter By Chapter” series. This is a round-up review and a decision of the book’s future in my collection.

Total RecallTotal Recall adaptation

Avon Books (June, 1990 (first printing)

AUTHOR: Piers Anthony


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