Special Clutter Clearing Reports: Day 6

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Well, yesterday screwed up everything for the last few days. I have….a lot more e-mails than I thought. I only had time to knock one account down to 1000, which shows you how little attention I’ve paid it since last year. So….I got most of my goals done, and tomorrow I resume normal operations on the other site so we return to the weekly format. I may try again to get my e-mails caught up tomorrow, though.

So…have any of you done a week-long project like this? Were you more successful in getting your clutter organized that I was? I achieved the big goals but not all of them.

Special Clutter Clearing Reports: Day 5

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Well, I didn’t get much done, but not for the reason I thought. I was tired all day. I guess I didn’t get enough sleep. However, I got pretty far the past few days.


I finally got the comics off the floor. I read all but two of the newsletters, but all the rest of the mail has been read. I decided to wait on the records until either the end of this year or the beginning of next year since we’re so close to the end (only a few months to go) but I put stuff in the proper folders, so that’s a victory. I’ve recovered most of my floor. There’s just the matter of putting some things away and finding a proper home for others.


I also have access to my pinball machine again, which makes me happy. I may play some later.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get stuff I planned to do today tomorrow, but I still have e-mail and DVR recordings to go over. Sometimes I think this is going to be a never ending project but if I can get things better than they were I’ll be happy. We’re almost done with this super cleaning operation and there are enough signs of progress to make it worth the time. Now if I can get my schedule straight and get things done.

Special Clutter Cleaning Reports: Day 4

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Today’s work concluded with getting all of my papers organized. Things have been thrown out or put in their proper place, although in some cases the “proper place” need their own organizing. So the table isn’t going away until I do that, hopefully tomorrow but I have things I need to do. I think I need to do that every December or January to keep my records properly organized. More work to do tomorrow.

Special Clutter Clearing Reports: Day 3

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The paper cleaning continues. Today I finally caught up on my mail and some of my newsletters plus organized some more important records. I’m going to read through a few more before bed, and hopefully tomorrow I can focus on the important records. The mission continues.

I have no idea why the “clean before you move” article keeps coming up. I’m not going anywhere for quite some time.

Special Clutter Clearing Reports: Day 2



And today’s project was to take all of the papers all over the place–the ones on the floor, the ones all over my computer desk, and what was on the pinball table–and organize them to go over. I’ve already tossed a few thing out and gotten a good chunk of my mail read. Some of this will have to be organized with the records folders and other stiff will have to find someplace else to go. This is when I realize I need a place for instruction booklets. I may have an idea on that route, but we’ll save that for tomorrow’s report. The project continues.

Special Clutter Clearing Reports: Day 1

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Today’s mission hit a snag thanks to…issues. It’s kind of gross to discuss so I’ll just say Crohn’s and let you research it. However, I did get at least one project done today. The comics above are off of the floor. That’s mission accomplished in my book. So how did I do it?


Special Clutter Reporting Week



There’s a good reason there is no report today. I find myself in a unique position this week to put some extra effort into clutter maintenance this week (not counting anything that might come up) so I plan to take advantage of it. Instead of one report today you’ll see reports all week as I handle some serious project doing. I’m hoping by the time this week is done I will have…

  • cleared the comics off of the floor
  • organized my financial and other important records
  • shredded some unneeded documents
  • cleaned off the pinball machine (again) and the tapes on the floor
  • cleared off my DVR box
  • read through all my mail and put a dent in my e-mail (I only pay attention to things I believe might be bills)
  • bonus if I finally dust my bedroom

I’m not sure how many of these tasks I will complete, but you’ll see my progress during the week. Wish me luck and other moral support stuff!

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