Toy Report: Excalibur MKVI

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Excalibur MKIV

When the Robotech series (a combination various Japanese animated series, using altered dialog to form them into a complete narrative, and rather well if you ask me) hit the US, Matchbox of all toy companies, licensed the property to produce a line of toys while Revell produced a series of model kits. A friend of mine had a couple of the model kits and outside of being transforming planes they weren’t all that impressive. I have a few action figures and mecha but all but one are packed away.

Above is the Excalibur MKVI, or as it is officially know, the Destroid Tomahawk or MBR-04-Mk VI. I’m not sure why the name change, unless it has something to do with early translations. Destroids come from the first Robotech War (taken from the Japanese series Macross). While the main fighting craft, the Veritech fighters (or Valkyrie for the Macross purists), were transforming airplanes, the various model Destroids were robotic tanks that protected the ship…and always got destroyed because the heroes all piloted the airplanes and not the Destroids.

As cool as the robots that can turn into planes are, the non-transforming robotic vehicles are cool in their own right. I think I got this one for Christmas. While Matchbox have created toys besides little toy cars, it’s what they’re most known for so it will surprise you that not only does this not have any die-cast metal (going for all-plastic) but it’s actually well made for its time.


Introducing The Clutter Reports Sell Page

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I’ve been doing this site for a while now, and it has included reviews of items to decide if I want to get rid of them or now. And yet those items I said I wanted to get rid of are still here. I was planning on selling them on eBay. I even have an account. What I don’t have is money in my PayPal account to serve as a buffer in case something happens. So I haven’t done it. With my current situation it will be impossible to ever do so. Therefore I’m cutting out the middle site.

If you look above you will see a new tab has been added: “Clutter For Sale”. It’s all the items I know I want to get rid of, broken down by type, plus a miscellaneous section for anything that doesn’t fit. So far there are categories for books, comics, toys, and video games, with only comics and toys currently having anything to offer. At least for now; as we continue there will be more there. When available there are links to reviews I’ve done here and at my other site so you can’t say I’m being dishonest about anything. If you get a comic with a bad story or a toy missing a feature I said so at the time. I don’t want to screw over anybody and hopefully nobody wants to screw me over.

Right now I can only do domestic shipping, and you’ll have to pay for the shipping. As I get more money in reserve I may be able to be more flexible. Orders can be paid through PayPal or by check (or cash if you’re really that trusting…I wouldn’t be). Contact information is on the page if something is there that you want. And if there isn’t keep looking back. As I review stuff here or at the other site things I don’t want will end up here. (Some comics are also multiples.) If you have questions let me know. Hopefully I can get rid of some of this stuff at last.

Comic Report: Essential Godzilla

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By now you all should be aware that I’m a Godzilla fan and a comic book reader, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I would collect Godzilla comics. There have been three runs that I know of available in the US, a run by Marvel, one by Dark Horse, and the current IDW printings. While a video production this week slowed the intended project and my review of the Marvel run has come to a close, I thought I would give some final thoughts on The Essential Godzilla a black-and-white collection of all 24 issues of Marvel’s series. Down below should be some samples of reviews I’ve done of the individual issues. Zemanta, the service WordPress uses to find related links, probably won’t have all 24 reviews.

I have managed to pick up a handful of issues of the actual comics but these are old and probably hard to find. So Essential Godzilla was my best bet to follow the whole run, and thankfully it lived up to expectations…most of the time.


This week’s project: Incomplete

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I have a project for this week and I started it, but time and events worked against me. And it’s such an easy project, too. You’ll see it next week or later this week if I get it done earlier than I think. It’s the best way to get rid of clutter, though.

Comic Report: JLA/Avengers

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JLA Avengers

One more comic collection to go over. Over on my other site this week I did a multi-article examination of Kurt Busiek and George Pérez’s four-part miniseries JLA/Avengers, or Avengers/JLA, depending on whether it was published by DC Comics or Marvel Comics. This is the last word I plan to say about the comic, a short review of the collection I own, seen above. There is more than one collection of the miniseries under either title, but as a DC fan on a budget I went with this one at the time. So how good is it?


Comic Report: Transformers: Primal Scream

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Transformers Primal Scream

Primal Scream is the first collection by Titan of Simon Furman’s run on the US The Transformers comic. It contains issues #56-62 of the Marvel Comics run, the first batch of stories Furman produced for the US version, having been a writer of the UK back-up stories. At the end of the article I will post links to my other site with reviews of these issues. Here we will discuss the trade itself as presented. I have the original four issues and Bob Budiansky’s run in the regular comic book form but the trade paperbacks were easier to find than the individual issues.


Toy Report: The Lizard (Spider-Man/Toy Biz)

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The Lizard in The Spectacular Spider-Man anima...

The Lizard in The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When you think of the “Jekyll & Hyde” analog in the Marvel Universe you probably think of Bruce Banner, the incredible Hulk. But he’s not the only one. In fact I would wager Doctor Curt Connors may be closer. Attempting to create a serum that could restore his lost arm, Connors used lizard DNA, since some lizards can allegedly regrow limbs. He would soon regret not going with a starfish or something since he not only regained his lost limb but became the Lizard, a monster determined to turn the entire human race into lizard people just like him. This may be the hardest foe Spider-Man has to fight since he is friends with Connors in both identities but the Lizard shares nothing of Connors save his chemical genius.


Toy Biz released a Lizard action figure as part of the second “Spider-Man” toy line, and this is the version I have, although he’s appeared in toys before and since. This is the same company, I remind you, that gave us the failed attempts at Doctor Octopus and the Rhino we’ve seen in previous reports. They have good points but not enough to outweigh the bad ones. Will the last of our Spider-Foes make the cut or complete the trifecta of disappointment?


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