Toy Report: Doctor Octopus (Marvel Legends?)

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First, what happened last week? Surprise convention that I thought was a week later. I wasn’t ready for it. Day after the convention: Crohn’s flare-up. Been a doozy of a week. Now, on to the review.

Doc Ock 01

I wanted a Doctor Octopus action figure for my various Spider-Men to take on. He’s one of my favorite Spider-Foes. His robotic tentacles are cool and he’s a scientist, which gives Spidey a chance to use his own science knowledge that so many writers seem to forget. So of course I grabbed this. And was disappointed. If you’re a fan and wondering why he isn’t wearing shades, he actually has a pair of normal glasses…that broke off within mere seconds of breaking him out for this review. I wish this was my biggest complaint about the figure. Sadly, it is not.

(And no, comic fans, we are NOT bringing up the recent events with Spidey and Ock in the comics. Let’s not confuse everyone.)


Clutter Report Convention Break

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Hail fellow clutter clearers. Sorry for not having any posts in awhile. This weekend was ConnectiCon and as usual preparing for that got in the way of everything else. I may or may not have a post next week depending on what I’m able to get done, but I hope to get back to things at least by the week following. And hopefully my next project will help get rid of some of the clutter instead of putting more in the “send this away” pile. It doesn’t help when the pile is still there. :D

Book Report: Blips!

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Last week I said I’d look at my other video game joke book. Well here it is. Blips! may have Pac-Man on the cover (yes, that is Pac-Man) but this one is more about what we would today call “gaming culture”, and outside of the fact that arcades existed and people aren’t swearing at each other over the internet there’s not really that much difference. Except that adults seem to be defining gaming culture instead of kids. I mean “adult” like “college age”. I wonder if they take themselves too seriously to find this book amusing. Well, I like it anyway.


PUBLISHER: Scholastic Books (1983)

WRITER: Bob Stine

ARTIST: Bryan Hendrix


Book Report: Pac-Man Riddle & Joke Book


I wasn’t sure what to do for this week’s report and although posting late the distractions of the week may have kept me from having a report at all. Then I saw this reading of a very lame Pac-Man joke book. For those of you who didn’t click on the link, the Pac-Mania joke book is mostly the same image of Pac-Man with some minor changes to it to match whatever horrible pun he just wrote. It’s kind of like an art class practice session or one of those puzzle pages where they ask you to finish the image. You can see the host die a little bit with each page he looks at. Still, it inspired me to drag this out late last night.

Pac-Man Riddle & Joke Book

The Pac-Man Riddle And Joke Book, written and drawn my Mike Thaler and published by Pocket Book subsidiary Archway, had to be something I picked up at a school book fair. There’s another video game joke book I’ll review next week but this is the one I was reminded of after watching the video. Instead of the same stale image with some minor tweaking every image is new and while a few of the same jokes actually popped up there are a lot of things that make this a lot funnier.


Toy Report: Leaping Hulk

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My cleaning project this week was more comic organizing as I took three different stacks of comics and properly merged them together. So I think I’ll review a comic book character action figure. I haven’t done that in a while.

2003 was a good time for Hulk action figure collectors. In addition to the Marvel Legends comic line Ang Lee’s take on jade giant was hitting theaters and naturally toys followed. Frankly I didn’t like the face on the Legends Hulk. It was kind of scary, even for the Hulk. Instead I went with one of the movie Hulks, namely the Leaping Hulk action figure. Although as I’ll get into I kind of disabled the leaping feature.

Leaping Hulk

click for larger picture


Book & Record Report: Superman book & record

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So I’m hopefully done with this latest kidney stone issue but I haven’t gotten back to action just yet. So here’s another crosspost from the other site…which I also didn’t get to work on this week.

Remember when Superman was fun? DC wants you to forget fun altogether unless killing heroes, dismemberment, and boobs all in your face is your idea of fun. They’re all for you then. But I want to look at a Superman story from my youth. Namely, this one.

Superman...smiling? When will you see that again?

Superman…smiling? When will you see that again?

This is from the Peter Pan Book & Record series. They made a lot of licensed book & record comics, including other DC characters, horror stories like Frankenstein and Dracula (possibly the Marvel Dracula and it was all kid-friendly stuff), and TV shows like Star Trek. I have one of the Star Trek stories and we’ll get to that someday.

There are two things in this review you don’t usually get in a “Scanning My Collection” article. One is what you’re not getting: credits. I can’t seem to find concrete proof of who worked on this comic or the accompanying audio so I can’t really comment on them. The other is audio actually showing you the story in a rather decent presentation combining the audio (minus the page change noises) and the comic panels. So watch for yourself…”City Under Siege”! Bing.


Why There Was No Clutter Report Today

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I had a last-minute chance to attend a local convention, so I didn’t get to do a cleaning project today. I also had to buy a new monitor on Wednesday because the old one crapped out. There will be more reporting on Sunday but I may try to post something during the week if I can complete my intended project early. Then you’ll get a review on Sunday. Sorry for the miss but I wanted to take the opportunity I wasn’t expecting.

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