Daffy Duck

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Last week I went through the cubby hole and straightened up a few things. Now it’s time to start the “purge reviews”, as it were. If you noticed, there were so many action figures that I couldn’t fit them all in the box. Well, I grouped them into a series of reviews. Having nowhere else to put him, I was planning to put my Daffy Duck figure in a review set with my various Mega Man figures since he wouldn’t go into any of the other slots and this was the shortest set. However, pictures for the latter came out unusable so I can’t post any pictures of their review. (Remember, one article per week is my goal here, and time is almost up.) The Daffy shots were at least salvageable, so it looks like he’s getting his own review.

I think he’d want it that way.

"Starting with your best act, I see."

This particular toy set came out in 2004 as part of a set of Looney Tunes action figures. Each figure came with a gimmick. In Daffy’s case a launcher which we’ll get into in a moment. First, let’s look at the figure itself.

"I deserve better than this. I'm a star!"

The reason I picked this one up while not the others is Daffy himself. He’s my favorite Looney Tune. Of all of them, Daffy is the most versatile as an “actor”. He can play “himself, an egotistical, spotlight-hogging, greedy little coward, or he can take on the role of a swashbuckler, a super hero, or a Buck Rogers parody. Every other character simply plays themselves (although Porky has tried now and then, he tends to work better as Daffy’s sidekick when it comes to character roles, working best as simply Porky otherwise), while Daffy can play any role with a flair, while still being a parody and very much himself personality wise. I love Daffy Duck cartoons for this reason.

A lot of the reason I may pick up a non-Transformers figure is because I really like the character or vehicle. So that led to me snagging this figure. How do I feel about it now?

Daffy's waving hi to you.

Well, the obvious flaws are in the beak and articulation. His elbows are permanently posed and he has no knees. His beak is in an open position, perhaps to indicate he’s happy or something, but it gets in the way of his vision, which I suppose doesn’t matter on a toy. However, he does have articulation in the neck, upper arms, and legs. He can sit down and even do a handstand. He may not have, as one internet acquaintance of mine would refer to it, super-articulation, but there’s enough to be fun to play with.

"You may fire when ready."

Additionally, Daffy comes with a launcher. His feet lock in place, and not knowing where to put the red piece you can put it in his mouth, holding him in place. So if Daffy ever gets jealous of the Great Gonzo, now he can live the dream. The set also comes with a crash helmet for Daffy to wear, but it’s held on by wishful thinking. It will stay put unless you start to actually do something with it. Like use the launcher.

Was this trip really necessary?

Which doesn’t go very far. Granted, I’m not expecting him to go flying across the room or anything, but in the picture there you see where he landed, and that’s about as far as he usually goes. Measured to scale, I can jump farther than that. Surprisingly his helmet stayed on for this photo because it usually flies off, landing only a little farther, and I’m betting that’s only because it bounces a bit when it lands.

Yes, I went there.

Don't worry, it happens to a lot of guys.

And now we get to the part of the report where I give my verdict. Since the purpose of these reviews is to decide whether something stays or goes, thus reducing my overall clutter, at the end it’s time to make that choice.

Final Verdict: stays

You like me. You really like me!

I really don’t care about the launcher. I picked this up as a display piece more than a toy, and even as a toy it doesn’t necessarily disappoint. So based on that criteria I plan to hold on to this figure, and maybe display it again once the cleaning is done.

Next week: The toy reviews continue, as I try to get better images of my Mega Man figure and the Megaman: NT Warrior figures. And I can tell you that a purge will happen this time. Of what? Check in next week and find out.