We all have a “junk drawer”, that one drawer where all the crap gets thrown into because you have nowhere else to put it. And eventually that drawer is going to be an utter mess as you go looking for that magnetic tape you’re sure you put in there back in 1995. Once I’m done reorganizing everything I’ll probably come back to this and see if I have a new place to put artistic supplies, toy cars, and mini-comics but for now why leave this mess when I can clean it out a bit now and save me some trouble later?

Yes, I labeled my junk drawer. No, I don't know why.

Now isn’t that much cleaner? Wait, my bed’s covered again. Let’s look at this stuff, then.

Bag 'em and tag 'em.

Hey, there are the instructions to the Daffy Duck launcher and a few other things. Won’t help Daffy fly any faster. The last time I went through the drawer I had the brilliant idea (you may not agree) to use storage bags to keep things together, like my dinosaurs (art reference–now, anyway), playing cards (why do I own three decks of playing cards?), and other such items I wanted to keep grouped together. I had Hefty bags at the time, but for smaller collections (like the magic tricks I suck at) I used a snack back. You can go to a store like Big Lots or Family Dollar and get cheap ones, which will work just fine. Except for some collectibles you may want to consider alternate storage methods to keep them protected. I’ll get into that probably around Transformers time, but what are collectibles doing in a junk drawer anyway?

Not as random as you think.

You know how some electronics like razors or cameras come with travel bags? And you know how sometimes those machines break? Well, the bags can be useful for storage or other things…like travel bags. Also, while you don’t need candy containers lying around, this old Sucrets box may prove handy for smaller art supplies. I’m going to check on that when it’s time.

The zippered pouch is for photos, but I’ve been using it for business cards. I collect strange things.

Some comics are too BIG for my longboxes and some are too SMALL.

I mean, look at all this stuff. A Super Mario Brothers game watch I never replaced the batteries for, toy cars from my childhood (may make good vehicle references, one of the many areas I suck at drawing), the aforementioned playing cards, a broken phone case…I really don’t know why I own a lot of this. Somehow, it seems easier with a junk drawer than, say, the cubby hole I started with.

There are eight-year-olds envious of me. That shouldn't be a good thing, should it?

Just look at what I have here, if you can see it through the flash bouncing off my quilt. (A testament to my air conditioner in a small space that it’s there at this time of year.) There’s a Dragon Ball character that I picked up during Free Comic Book Day that I don’t even recognize. Spider-Man web-shooter water guns that came in my Rice Krispies and was a target by our crusading Attorney-General. (Insert political rant here.) A coupe old wind-up walkers featuring Snoopy (wearing a matador’s outfit and no I don’t know why) and Woodstock. And my old Cherrios Nerful. And all I’m taking out are the wind-up Pokemon and the aforementioned big-headed figure that won’t stand up because of the fact that it has a HUGE head. What do I need with web-shooter water squirters?

Hey, I can find stuff now. I give it a month tops before that changes.

It may still look like a mess, but now we have a more organized mess, and once I have a dedicated art supply area it will be even more organized. But that’s my junk drawer, what’s yours look like?