Who says you need expensive drawer boxes? When I was a kid, this little gift from an auto parts store (they were getting rid of it) came along and gave me a way to store small stuff. For the longest time, most of the drawers were filled with movie trading cards (do they still make those?) with the rest filled with a few art supplies and random crap. I recently moved the trading cards to a special binder, which makes it easier for me to look through them. You’ll probably see that in a future article.

So what to do with these drawers? Well, while not dedicate it to my art supplies and put it in a good spot of my little artists corner? That was this week’s goal, and I got to clean out some other drawers on top of that.

Speaking of future article topics...

Once again storage bags become my friend. At some point I’m going to go through all these buttons I’ve collected over the years and see if I really want all of them. What I need to do first is find a way to display them all. This is three drawers worth of buttons. THREE DRAWERS! Even at this small size that’s both impressive and a waste of space. The only place I could put it for now is the junk drawer. See, it IS important to have one.

Does anybody actually use these to clean pipes anymore?

I did try to get some stuff OUT of the junk drawer, however. I wasn’t successful with the pipe cleaners and a few other objects that just didn’t fit in with the setup. The point is to make it easier for me to access what materials I need, and as much as the pencil toppers fit the theme, I don’t really use them. Also, the pipe cleaners up there won’t fit. For now, it’s back to the junk drawer.

On the upside, I did move the decorative, mounting, and magnetic tape over there, so I have that in my favor. Additionally, I still had drawers left over when I was done so I could end up moving some of that stuff back if I feel the need to do so.

The joke I had here was so lame I would have had to slap myself.

Now I have a place to store some of my markers. I have one drawer for the little thick ones and the little thin ones and the…oh, looks like the big thin ones won’t fit in the drawer. Not a problem.

A bit beat up, but it still works.

I can just put them back in the old pencil box I had them all in. It’s still easier to look for the marker I want without them all getting in the way. I’ll just put this in my regular art supply drawer and it will all be good.

You can make out the old BW Comics logo. Insert my other blog's plug here.

Speaking of pencil boxes, remember how I’ve discussed my dad’s genius and skill before? Well, here’s another example, a homemade pencil box. It’s still in much better shape than the professionally made plastic one. The only downside is holding it in one particular direction will cause the door to open and everything to spill out. The door is a separate piece, and otherwise serves it’s purpose nicely. In here I had a few other supplies that were either transferred to my little metal box or a little plastic container that I was holding some pens in. Those pens were moved to the metal box. What’s left are mostly coloring pencils that may get moved to the art caddy once I finish organizing, and I could always move the markers to that box, thus giving me even more room for stuff.

I even got a few things out of the drawer at my computer desk, and took the time to organize both that drawer and the art supply drawer. So cleaning up one area led to three areas being straightened up. I like that, but more work is needed.

A good fit.

When I’m all done and I know where I’m storing everything, I plan to go back and put new labels on the drawers, marking which one has the pens, which has the erasers, which has the coloring pencils, and so on. I still have one drawer shy of half that I can use to put stuff in, and that could be either splitting up the content I have or putting other stuff in there. Now when I when I need a certain art tool, some are better in reach for whatever project I happen to be working on at the time.

And it didn’t cost me anything but time. So if you see a local store getting rid of storage boxes and shelves, see what they want for it. They may give you a good deal–or even just give it to you–just to get rid of the darn thing. That’s positive recycling that works for everyone.