If you’ve read my other blog you know that I love Christmas! So it should be no surprise that I like to decorate for Christmas. Now I don’t have a lot of decorations based on budget and living space, but they still need to be taken proper care of.

By now most of you have your Christmas decorations up (or down, depending on when you read this), but I’ve got enough for a three-part review. In this part…storage and taking it all out.

Storage boxes are easy enough to buy. Around this time of year you can even find ones in Christmas colors specifically designed with Christmas decorations in mind. Because of this, they’re actually a little more expensive than your usual boxes, and you really don’t need anything fancy. Take your little boxes, put them in bigger boxes, and put them into one biggest box, or however your setup requires. You can even use food storage containers for the small things, such as I use for my Christmas tree lights.


Nothing says Christmas like an Astromech droid.

Of course, my Christmas tree is only two feet tall. 🙂 We’ll set that up next week. Actually, it’s already up, I’ll just blog about it next week.

Here are the subjects for our next batch of articles. No, I’m not getting rid of any of it. It’s more about decorating and storage ideas than anything else. We have to make our clutter look pretty sometimes. 🙂

Again we see the power of storage bags. In this one I keep a couple of Santa hats that I own. In the storage container (again, one that you would usually put your snacks in) I have some Christmas-related buttons and a tie for work. We don’t wear ties anymore, and it’s a cheap tie so I probably won’t be wearing it this year. However, it does keep the hats in good condition.



That’s good for this week. I have decorating to do.