It took me a few years to get the Nativity set that I wanted. I’m not really sure how to explain what it was I was looking for outside of a multiple piece set. The reason I wanted that was that so I wouldn’t be stuck with the same layout year after year, and could switch it up now and then. Eventually I found this at a pharmacy (either Walgreens or CVS, I’m not sure which) and on sale for that matter. Merry Brite created this as well as the tree from last week, but it’s a coincidence as I don’t know a lot about the company.

If there is a problem with this set is that I can’t get the cardboard boxes back in the big box with the stable piece. You can see there that I can’t get them back closed, but that’s because I replaced the paper that the figures were wrapped with, using bubble wrap instead. However, that’s not why they won’t fit, since they didn’t fit before I replaced the paper.

See, I thought that the bubble wrap would protect the figures better. Currently I keep them in the boxes they came in, but I plan to replace them just as soon as I find the right storage box. Frankly, even if they fit they’re kind of flimsy. I don’t think they’re meant for long-term storage.

Here you can see the stable set. In the back is a burlap piece and not knowing about stables in that place or time I don’t know how accurate it is. The floor has fake grass and the stable itself is wood, although it could be fake wood. The wall isn’t real rock but it does have a good texture and thickness to it. It looks legitimate enough for a humble stable in which the Son of God was born. Obviously the actual stable was a bit bigger but I think we’re supposed to be inside along with them.

I wish I could have gotten some better pictures of the individual figures, but here’s the final set.

The set comes with of course baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the wise men. Additionally it has three animals and I’m assuming a stableboy carrying a sheep. Being individual pieces I can set the scene up any way I want and this year I decided to turn the wise men away from “us” and towards Jesus. All the pieces are sculpted and painted beautifully.

You may be wondering what the “snow” is. Remember last week when I mentioned a first tree skirt before getting the one I have now? Well this was it, meant for a five foot tree. By folding it in half I can use it underneath the figures to keep both them and my TV from getting scratched up, and if any of the grass comes loose it won’t be covering the TV. The only problem is trying to get the stableboy to stand up on the surface, but at least I found a use for the skirt.

I bought this a few years ago and while there may be better Nativitys out there I really like the one I have. For the price it’s a good set and I bought it on sale so that’s even better. But there’s another Christmas icon to put out and frankly that one I wish I had a better set for. I’ll show you what I mean next week.