When I saw the solicit for the “Iron Man 2 Adult Helmet“, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, so don’t get me wrong. It only went for $25.00. Look at some of the other prices. Those are for more high-grade replicas. However, I thought it would be a toy helmet, much like the ones Hasbro makes for kids and my head probably wouldn’t fit comfortably in. I wasn’t expecting electronics, since light up eyes and voice changers weren’t in the solicit. On the other hand, I thought I didn’t expect a costume-grade helmet. I knew you could get a mask, but a full head helmet?

I should have retaken this with the better camera.

So imagine my surprise when that’s what I got. However, one look at it and it isn’t necessarily a bad surprise. It was, however, supposed to arrive in October. It arrived in December because Previews, the catalog that comic stores uses to sell comics (after they pulled some dirty stunts to eliminate the competition) just sucks, any many stores and comic collectors will back me up on this.

This got quite the reaction from folks in my local comic store as it sat there waiting for payday to become my property. Can you blame them? Even if you can’t tell it’s a costume helmet (instead of an adult toy helmet–clean definition), even in the package it looks good. And again I have to remark on the package. It displays well and protects it from shipping. In fact, I kind of hate to take it out of there, since it’s one of those packages you can’t close up again. But I bought it in part to wear, so hand me a knife.

I swear the comics just happened to be there.

That’s pretty impressive, as well as how the light from my camera flash is bouncing off of it. Produced by a company called Disguise, this isn’t even the deluxe costume helmet and you can already see how cool it looks. The colors match up with the armor from the movies. There’s a lot of detail in this helmet. The lines that show where the various pieces that make up the real helmet connect, the ears, the shaded areas that give it some extra definition–it just all works. The result is beautiful, especially when you consider the price. You have to pick it up to tell it’s costume-grade plastic. It doesn’t look metal, but there’s so much detail you don’t expect cheap material.

“Make sure you get my good side.”

Here you can see how it’s all connected. It’s a two-piece helmet right down the sides. The halves are held together with Velcro “dots” at key points on the helmet. The eyes aren’t lenses, but a kind of netting, that does make it difficult to see inside.

The detailing carries into the inside, but that’s mostly because of the outside detailing. It does give you a better idea of how it’s in there. The grooves are sculpted into the mold. You can also see the padding that makes it more comfortable (in theory) to wear. Speaking of which I think it’s time to put this thing on, don’t you?

It’s not easy taking a picture of yourself with this thing on.

I’m typing this section wearing the helmet. Here we hit a few snags. Right now I’m not wearing my glasses because I wasn’t sure if they would fit. We’ll try them for the next paragraph. What I will tell you is that the glue holding the Velcro in place isn’t that strong. I may have to re-glue the dots into place at some point. When the packaging says not to wear this while driving, believe it. I can see through the netting well enough to write this and to walk around but it would be difficult to see while driving, even with the little bit of vision lost by the helmet. Luckily, I remember where the “home keys” are on my keyboard. My head seems to fit OK, but it’s a little tight around my cheeks. I can breathe without any problem (there’s a slit where the mouth goes), but I can hear myself exhale, even when it would be quiet otherwise.

OK, now I have my glasses on, and it’s a bit of a tighter fit. I can still wear the helmet otherwise, so if I wore it to a party or convention or something I can technically do so without too much trouble. Or course it’s difficult to line all the details up without a mirror, so I don’t know how well I did. However, I did learn that you can keep the top two Velcro spots connected and just disconnect the bottom ones. There’s enough ventilation (between the eye “web”, mouth hole which isn’t really placed right to my mouth now that I think of it, and the big hole around my neck) that my glasses aren’t fogging up. On the other hand there isn’t enough room to add my wraparound sunglasses into the mix so if I was outside or in a room with a lot of sunlight coming in I’d have to make due without them.

So I got what I wanted, a conversation piece that I could mess with. If you have the money and you need a cheap but cool-looking Iron Man armor (the only thing I would have liked was the opening and closing facemask like the actual and the aforementioned toy helmet), this isn’t a bad deal if you’re on a budget.