I totally want to reshoot the entire thing. Seriously, my camera isn’t very good for these close-ups I need for this site. Anyway, the last of the Iron Man specific toy reviews concludes here with these little guys. About half the size of the figures I reviewed last week, these little action figures share most of the posability of their larger counterparts. No ankles, folding wrists, or waist, but everything else is there; shoulders, neck, legs, hips, abs, spinning wrists, and knees are present on the figures. Released under the “Iron Man 2” banner, the two on the sides are from the “comic series” figures, while the center one is based on the armor from the second film.

As you can see, each comes with a stand and card set I’ll get into later. Hasbro has this for their other Marvel lines, Spider-Man and Universe, while DC has their own, and their perfect for the space-minded clutter cleaner.

What old school Iron Fans most remember

Our first figure is based on the classic armor I discussed last week and this is an improvement over his big brother from a different mother toy company. Actually, this figure was designed for the Marvel Universe line but I’ve seen it and the paint application on those were not very good. This version has a better paint scheme but unlike the ones designed for the movie line, it cannot look up and down. Otherwise it has the same articulation as the other armors.

I cropped out the important part. Nice.

This figure has two accessories. The one seen here isn’t just a second stand, but is supposed to represent his boot jets. With only one peg to plug into and the fact that the leg joints on all these figures like to fight you to get into position, it makes it difficult to keep the thing standing even with the huge base representing his propulsion. It’s really rather useless, and a hold-over from the Universe line.

"Who wants smores?"

The other is supposed to represent his Repulsor blast. I’d…rather not say what it actually looks like. It only locks onto the right hand. Let’s move on.

The only one of its kind in my collection.

This version is based on the “Silver Centurion” armor, and it’s the camera angle that makes it look like it’s frowning. This armor was introduced in the comics as a fresh start for both Tony Stark and the armor (long story). While many Iron Fans hate it because it ditches the classic golden yellow for silver (hence the unofficial name), I rather like it. It’s a cool-looking piece of armor.

"Darn that pesky fly. I'll get him this time!"

Silver Centurion comes with yellow version of the “Repulsor Blast” accessory and that’s it. It looks even worse than the red one. I really don’t use them for obvious reasons, and I’m not usually the kind of guy who notices phallic stuff, unintended or otherwise (I’m assuming the former in this case).

I really should have taken a pic with the larger figures, but I would have had to do a "Mini-Me" joke by geek law.

Finally we have the movie figure. Based on the later chest piece in the movie, it looks as good as the other movie toys I’ve reviewed in this series. All of the figures are well detailed but the movie specific armors in this line even more so.

"Hey, there's my nightlight."

While some of the figures in the movie portion of the line have accessories, some including add-on armor, this version has no accessories at all. Instead we get a light activated by pushing his head down. In some ways it isn’t very bright, but instead of lighting up his entire chest it really should just light the area where the element that powers his life support goes, so it’s also too bright for the design.

It's like paper dolls--I mean paper action figures.

You may have seen these throughout the review. They’re cards but they come in three parts each. There’s the base card which has a chest and two overlays with the helmet and arms on one card and the legs on another. You can mix and match the overlays and create different armor combinations as well as altering the code on the side. What is it for? Darned if I know. Apparently they planned an online component to the toys but the url only diverts to Marvel’s website. I guess they abandoned whatever plan they had for it.

Both Iron Men agree to blast the crappy stand.

I like these guys. They have most of the articulation of the larger figures and they take up less room. If I am going to try and collect all the Iron Man armors, this is probably the best way to do it. But that’s it for Iron Man figures for now…which means I have to decide what to do for next week’s review.