1/2 Year Progress Report

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I didn’t get to do anything this week so I thought I would take a step back and see how far I’ve come since August 2010. Click that link to see how things were before I started. So far have I come?

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I still have a ways to go, but what I’ve done so far I’m pretty proud of. I haven’t gotten every corner of my living space and this weekend I plan to open an eBay account so I can start getting rid of items I’ve reviewed and decided not to keep. There’s a spot in the sidebar where I’ll be listing what’s currently available for sale in case anyone is interested. The project continues…


Toy Report: Spider-Man review set


Yes, another review set. This time featuring everybody’s favorite wall-crawler:

The Amazing Spider-Man!

For this review set, page 2 (page 1 being the opening page) will focus on the comic-based Spider-Man figures and page 3 the two movie figures. All five were produced by Toy Biz, now Marvel Toys. The comic versions came with a reprint comic featuring the first appearance of that particular costume (and Spider-Man as I’ll get into for non-comic readers) and wall-hanging displays while the movie figures came with a highly detailed display piece.


Drawer dividers on the cheap


Hey, we got a mention by the website Guide To Art Schools for the action figure reviews I do (#7 of “Best of the Rest”). Cool, even if they forgot to pluralize “Reports”. (Although in their defense I only added the “s” a few weeks after I started, which is why it isn’t plural in the URL.) By the way, I’ll be doing more of those next week but this week it’s another organizing article.

You may be asking yourself what this box has to do with drawer dividers. You can find actual dividers in stores, online, or in TV ads, and one of the articles Zemanta has recommended in previous Reports suggested using cafeteria-style TV dinner trays. (Yes, you can buy trays and make your own frozen TV dinner set or relive the days of things that were supposed to be nutritious but were only called “food” on a technicality.) However, if you’re the hands-on/artistic kind, there’s an even cheaper solution.

If you go to “warehouse” type stores like BJ’s, Costco, or Sam’s Club you don’t get your groceries bagged unless you bring your own. It saves them money, I guess, and with the Connecticut government looking into taxing companies out of business paper and plastic bags to blackmail encourage reusable bags (I apologize for the localized political commentary) this may be the way stores end up going. What they have instead is a big bin of the cardboard boxes used to ship items to the store. Other stores simply toss it in a compactor for recycling, and recycling is what I’m encouraging here, but of a different sort. So what do YOU do when you get your groceries home?


The NEW Metal Drawers

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Remember this thing? Actually, they aren’t really metal drawers, they’re plastic although the box is metal. Well, I couldn’t fit everything I wanted inside it, if you’ll recall (or read the article I just linked to), and really I don’t need all those drawers. Luckily for me, my father was cleaning up the basement and came across this thing.

This time it’s all metal.