Remember this thing? Actually, they aren’t really metal drawers, they’re plastic although the box is metal. Well, I couldn’t fit everything I wanted inside it, if you’ll recall (or read the article I just linked to), and really I don’t need all those drawers. Luckily for me, my father was cleaning up the basement and came across this thing.

This time it’s all metal.

It’s been in the basement for a long time, as you can tell the top is dented a bit and there are mild rust spots, but a little cleaning made it usable. While the little metal box had more drawers than I needed, and were a bit short for some of the stuff I wanted to put in there, this is a bit longer and only 6 drawers. It’s more economical space-wise and you can’t beat the price financially.

Here you can see the little containers from the old box. I can put eight of them (yes, there’s only five in the picture) in there with some space left over, which at 6 big drawers comes out to 48+ of the little drawers. The old box has 16 drawers total, so I now have more storage room. The only downside is that the new box is taller than the old one, and won’t fit in the spot I had it. So I had to find a new location for it.

Luckily, R2 doesn't get nosebleeds.

Although now I have to wonder where I’m going to put my Christmas tree next Christmas. Still, it’s right behind me and I don’t have to reach down in order to get something out of it, plus I can put more stuff in there and it’s still in easy reach. I already have it separated in a while that I can find what I need easier. I have a drawer for writing and drawing utensils, one for measuring and shapes (now my T-Square is out of my way), one for other art supplies, even a mini-junk drawer, although one more purpose-driven than my regular one.

Actually, there’s one more downside: notice that the drawers don’t come with compartments. That means all the pens, pencils, and markers are going to be rolling all over the place. I know they make things that go in drawers and keep stuff separated but there are some problems on that front as well. Next week: my reasons and a cheap and beneficial solution.

Oh, and the old drawers? They really aren’t good for my current storage needs, but my dad can use them for nuts and bolts and nails and stuff in his workshop, so it’s an even trade. Everybody wins! Something to think about as you look for storage supplies, folks.