Comic-Based Spider-Men

Only one of them is actually Peter Parker.

If you’re not up on your Spidey-lore, only the one on the right is actually our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. On the left we have Miguel O’Hara, from the alternate future series Spider-Man 2099, and the center one is Peter’s clone Ben Reilly, aka the Scarlet Spider. On our right is Peter in his black costume, based off of the one he brought back from the alien planet of Secret Wars, which turned out to be a brain-eating symbiont. Comics, people.

The first two have other distinctions than not being Peter–they were exclusives to the late toy store chain KB Toy Works. At least I’m pretty sure at least one if not both of them were. What I am sure about is that they’re the only Spidey figures to have extra stuff on them. 2099 has a tattered cape that he can use like an airfoil (in the comic, not the toy) while Scarlett bears his hoodie and wears his webshooters outside his glove unlike his “dad”. The shooters and hoodie are all separate pieces while 2099’s cape is attached to his neck…somehow.

I haven’t tried removing Scarlett Spider’s sweatshirt (as far as I remember) but I’m sure it is and you can pull the hood back. The webshooters have a noticeable gap so they can go on.

I like to pretend this isn't the brain-eating costume, since there was a Venom figure in this line.

The black costume is probably my favorite because it makes him LOOK like a “spider man”. Besides the black and white kind of make him look like a spider ninja. The white spaces on his gloves is where the symbiont version would shoot out its own version of webbing. What I really love is the glossy black, unlike some of the more recent figures that also use a lighter shade black. This figure is more in keeping with how the original looked. I have to use a stand with this figure because the knees are very weak on this figure, a fate shared with many of the Toy Biz Spider-Man figures I own. This one is especially weak and can’t stand on his own.

You can also see the upper articulation. Head, neck, shoulders, elbows, chest, waist, and even the center fingers (which in the comics he uses to activate his webshooters) have full movement (except for that “checking your watch” pose I keep talking about).

Yes, he has pouches on his lower legs. It was the 90's.

I’m serious, superhero costumes in the 90’s were loaded with useless pouches. I think they were all jealous of Batman’s utility belt or something.

The Toy Biz Spidey figures also have hip, leg, and ankle articulation that at the time was seldom seen. Even his toes are articulated. Sadly, these limbs are very weak and can’t always hold the figure up like it should for display. It’s a big disappointment.

Spidey 2099 recently appeared in the "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" video game.

I have to applaud the detailing on the figures, though. The cape on 2099 is fabric but feels paper light and has the webbing detail of the comic counterpart, although sadly only on one side. This costume’s distinct markings are otherwise present, and Scarlet Spider is only missing an upper leg pouch. (Honest, look up a guy called Cable sometime. More pouches than anyone should need.)

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