Well not so much the closet as the corner of the closet. I already moved my comics to a different spot (a temporary situation as I prepare to seriously trim down that oversized collection) but the way my closet is put together there is this one corner that full of junk or just stuff I don’t need anymore. As I said before, cleaning the clutter you don’t see is also important, either due to fire hazards, having an extra place to put stuff, or just for your state of mind. It’s a psychological victory. So let’s get that stuff out of there.

Believe it or not, these could be worth money.

The caption isn’t kidding. The stack on the left may not be. They’re the boxes for some Alternators figures, Transformers designed in the style of scale cars you pick up at a hobby and collector store. I’ll review them in the future, but apparently I only decided for the first two that they would be as¬†collectible¬†as the actual toys. I can make a better case for the second two. While two of them are from Japanese reissues of classic Transformers (or “Generation One” as we Transformers fans call them), the others come from a line of Japanese-exclusive Transformers from the “Beast Wars” line. Those are pretty interesting for the simple fact that they have drawn backgrounds instead of some generic artwork like the US figures. If any of the figures from these boxes go into the Transformer purge, being able to offer them with their boxes raises the price, although if they were mint in sealed boxes (MISB), they’d be worth even more financially. However, to me Transformers are more fun when you take them out of the box and transform them. So I think I’m better off losing some dough to actually enjoy them.

Not pictured here because I don’t want to flood these articles with pictures (just enough to break up the text wall and give your eyes a break) are some other boxes I had in there for a bug wand (broken, so there’s no need to keep the box), an old telescope I never got a decent tripod for (the legs are really short and don’t extend), and that Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Jar you’ve seen in certain pics. Keeping a box is a good thing if you need to store it, or extra parts to it, or if you think you might return it or there is special information on the box you need to save. The bug wand box I no longer need since the wand is broken (although for some reason I still have that, too) so that can go. The Transformers boxes I’ll keep at least until I finish going over them.

These shoes are in near-perfect condition. However, my feet have grown and I can’t fit into them at all. Instead of using eBay I may just donate them unless someone in my family needs them. Then again, I suppose that’s still technically a donation.

Because everyone should own a foam finger.

On the left is a drawstring bag I made myself in middle school Home Ec. I still use it, which is odd for something I created in middle school. Because it actually survived.

On the right is an ET tote bag I believe I got from a book club membership when I was a kid. I should take better care of it, and find a way to store it so that it will stay protected. That’s probably worth something now, but it could be worth more in the future and I believe in using things I own. It’s a quandary. For now I’m putting some old belts and stuff in there that should keep the bag in a decent shape.

An old Halloween costume that still fits and for some reason I want to hold on to the karate uniform I used all of eight classes before I decided I couldn’t afford to continue. I may rethink that in the future. They’re not worth showing, but take a look at this. Block City is one of those Lego wanna-be toys, but a pretty good one. If you have the time you can actually build a decent toy house (although it would be as fragile as a Lego house and you can’t build a roof with it or have it more than one story if you want to have floors). I may have a use for this in future projects.

While some of this may disappear in the future, for now it’s less of a mess in my closet and if I want to find something I can. Of course knowing me it will be a mess again as I end up throwing stuff in the corner to get it out of the way, and I may go through it again in the future to get rid of stuff (like that yarn picture kit off to the left) but for now I’m satisfied with the results. A little at a time can do wonders.

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This, folks, should give you an idea about how big a problem a cluttered closet is. Just before starting this site, I helped my parents go through a closet that was mostly used for storage and once we finished you’d be amazed how many memories there were, but also how much junk we found that could be better organized. I think we ended up clearing like half the closet and the room in there now is enough that I can stand in it. So tackle all your closets, not just the one in your bedroom.