I was set to review a bunch of untranslated manga that I wanted to get rid of. Sometimes when you have money and room you don’t make the best choices, although in my defense I didn’t know they were untranslated when I picked up some of them.

However, with the recent devastation in Japan, part of me doesn’t feel right doing the review at this time. That may be silly, but I have no alternate article idea that I could get ready in time. I’ll put these aside for the moment and get to them at a later date. In the meantime, if anyone knows a good site where I can price untranslated manga please let me know.

And whether it’s money or just a prayer (I believe in God), then please be of help to the people of Japan. They’re used to earthquakes, but this one is pretty bad. Two charities in particular may be of interest to people in my circles.

  • Super Hero Time: Fans of live-action Japanese superhero shows (and possibly anime fans as well) have gotten together to create a charity for their fellow fans. With so many false charities out there, they wanted to be sure that the money when where it’s supposed to. There are also events and auctions being set up.
  • Art For Japan: If your a cartoonist, illustrator, or other artist, this group is looking for donations for a charity auction.

I am sadly low on funds, but I already give to an organization, Operation Blessing, that is already working to help people in Japan. The Red Cross is also looking for help. Otherwise, be sure to check out any charity claiming to be looking to help Japan to be sure that it is in fact a legitimate charity. Too many scumbags out there are working to take advantage of people looking to help others in need.

If you are able to help, please do so. If not, then say a prayer for the Japanese people that the survivors will be able to get their lives back.

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