This week’s mission was to rearrange my drawers, moving my video games, electronic stuff (extension cords, manuals, that sort of thing), and computer/camera gear around. It’s a lot more organized.

It also makes for a boring article.

Instead, here’s something interesting. While organizing a bunch of paper clutter into smaller piles of paper clutter (to be further broken down into “keep” and “junk”), I found a bank envelope from December 2010 with around $55 in it. It must have gotten lost in the holiday rush, which also tells you how long it’s been since I seriously went through that paper pile, seeing as I’m writing this in March 2011.

So what have we learned, kids? Organize your paper work at least once a month. During the same operation I now have room on my computer desk. (Knowing me that won’t last long.) I promise a real article next week, maybe reviewing some of the stuff I shuffled around this week. In fact, I think I know what I’m going to review. They’re not video, but they are games.

Most of the links this week came from fellow WordPress sites dedicated to clutter clearing. So much for originality on my part. 🙂