There it is, the last of the stuff I need to begin going through the video games. Like everything else, it’s buried in clutter. At the time I bought my NES I figured the best place to keep the controllers would be in the NES box. While the console remains on my shelf with a dust cover and the ergonomic controller was stored with the games, the regular controllers and the Zapper were left in the box until I wanted to use them.

However, as you can see it is not a pain to get them. Space has become a priority and I have a storage box I can put those controllers into. First I need to dig my way to them, though. Sometimes you have to clean in order to clean, if that makes any sense. So let’s get started.

In which I show off my photo editing skills.

Since we’re more concerned with the game controllers, let’s take a brief look at what else we have. The majority of the picture is dedicated to two posters I have, the smaller one coming from a magazine and the larger one a promotional poster my local comic store game me because I liked the comic. Someday I want to have a full-fledged art studio with comic posters decorating the walls for inspiration. That’s not possible with the current arrangements, but I like to plan for the future.

The upper inset are a series of magazines I have. Most seem to be dedicated to professional wrestling, which I was a fan of when wrestling was a fun spectacle. Now it just feels more like brawling to the point where even the heroes (or “babyface” for wrestling fans) are acting like the bad guys (“heels”) did back in the day, and that’s when all the story stuff isn’t happening in the locker room area. There are also some comic and other media magazines. That’s not even half of what I own, but I want to find them all and go through them. What I don’t want will hit E-Bay unless I come across someone who would buy them from me. Auction sites are quite the hassle.

The lower insert is a carry-all for professional types but I used to carry school supplies–I think in my senior year of high school. I can work to re-purpose it to carry minor art supplies if I go somewhere and need the distraction. At some point I’ll have to go through it as well. I also found one of the photo albums I keep my Transformers “tech specs” in, but I’ll discuss that when I find its counterpart.

Showing off my art skills in 90's. Or what passes for it.

And here we are, the box where I kept the NES controllers and the Atari manuals. With the NES I could keep the instructions in their box, no harm done. However, with the Atari 800’s books I had nowhere to keep them. So everything went in here, making it easier to find them and keep them in usable shape. I now have better ways to do this that takes up less space. Plus, the Styrofoam is kind of crumbling inside so it’s best I get rid of it now.

At the time, though, it was a good idea. The old box controllers and the Zapper came with it so they fit easily back into their spaces. I have the more ergonomic controller so I can keep these for emergencies. Also here is a second CD-i controller. I was hoping to get a different gamepad than this one, but that model had been discontinued. It was designed like the ergonomic NES controller and even had an optional joystick, although it was a small little thing. Since my dad had a similar one for his computer and the stick broke, maybe I was better off with this one. I’ll get more into the controllers when I get into the full-on game reviews.

Underneath the CD-i controller you can see various instruction manuals and posters. Sure enough all my Atari game manuals are in there. I’ll show them off in the game reviews. I’ll be putting them into a storage bag. The controllers are going into a storage box until I need them along with the promotional material. You never know how much nostalgia can be worth.  The posters (which I suppose are technically promotional material) will be put with the other posters. I have a lot more posters in a different drawer which will be all put together once I get to cleaning that area.

Now that’s much better. I can go over this stuff at my leisure and the video game controllers are easier to access. Now I can begin to go over my video game collection and cut that down. Actually, not yet. Next week I have one more thing I have to do in order to do the NES side of the reviews.