┬áThis week’s task will be a quick one to report on. You may not be able to tell, but my comics are in a mess. While my DVD, novel, and now my video game collections are organized enough to go through, but my comic collection is a complete disaster.

Over at my other site I take part in this event called the Friday Night Fights, where we find a fight scene from a based on a theme and write an article around it. Also, yesterday was Free Comic Book Day, where comic companies put out sampler comics at no cost to the consumer (but some cost to the comic stores) in hopes of bringing people in to check out the comics. Both these events helped point out that my collection needed a serious reorganizing so that I can properly go through it all and cut the collection down a bit. (Not an easy task when you buy new comics every week, but I digress.) So it was time to do just that. However, I do have a piece of advice that will also work if you’re going through a huge collection of periodicals, financial statements (as I did this for a recent financial record organization task) or what have you.

THIS IS A BAD IDEA! I put my comics on the floor in piles to organize them by alphabet, year, and in some cases continuity. First I put all of the same letter into a pile, and then organized the pile accordingly. (When I did the financial records I piled them by bill or statement, for example one pile for phone bills, one for credit card bills, one for medical bills, etc.) Unfortunately, the space not only proved to be rather limiting, but I did quite the number on my back trying to get into position to organize them. So then I got smart.

When Id id the financial records I used a big fold-up table, and had I been smart enough to do that in the beginning with the comics my back would be in better shape right now. So if you have a big pile of papers or comics/magazines to organize, get a long table (if the kitchen or dining room table is not an option) and find a system that will help you sort them for easy access. I’m going to go lie down now.