The games drawer wasn’t the hardest drawer-based task before me. No THIS drawer, and its partner, were the most work I would have to do. But it was also a trip down memory lane. In this drawer I had old comic ideas, posters I had on my wall that are still good, old Christmas and birthday cards I’ve kept at least since I was 16. I’ll be 38 in a few months, which contains more personal disappointments than you realize. That’s not important. What’s important is that these drawers have undergone the most organization over the years, but now it’s time to clean a bit of it out.

Well, actually, a lot of it. Sometimes, history can also be clutter.

The only way I'll ever be champion.

This was one of those fun little projects I liked to do when I had a little something called time. I actually made a bunch of these pro wrestling belts, not that anyone would mistake them for the real thing. I used black poster board as the base and wrapped it with fabric tape, the closest thing to leather I had access to. The plates are left over comic backing boards (stronger than poster board) covered with yellow plastic tape, the closest thing to gold plates I could have. Then I would use markers to put on the decoration. I have enough poster board to make one more belt. I don’t have the time or other resources, though.

I plan to hold on to this, though, since you never know when one of my cousin’s kids will want to be a pro wrestler for Halloween or something.

Filler paper for a dollar. Tells you how long ago I bought this stuff.

Outside of being left over from my school days, I don’t know why I picked up so many notebooks. I don’t think I’m going to make that many notes.

Now this I can use a bit more often. Not so much the construction paper at this point, but the big sketch tablets (which I could have sworn was bigger–what a difference growing up makes).

Coloring books, more art that goes in my art binder (for inspiration), old birthday and Christmas cards (I decided to only save cards from special events like my graduation and letters from friends…whatever brings back memories), it’s a lot to organize and I decided to go through both drawers and reorganize all of it so that things I need to access more often in the middle drawer and other stuff in the bottom drawer. This makes life easier.

So I organize them into piles after taking out what I don’t want anymore and prepare to put them back in the drawer–until I remember something. I’ve done this so many times in the past, all stacked and organized in the drawers, but it wasn’t long before each stack would fall into each other, thus making a mess in the drawer without even trying. So I decided to get smart with a little help from an old friend.

Cardboard. Unlike the last time, I didn’t go with the tabbed dividers. My father (who we’ve already established is smart) actually had the right idea by cutting it to fit snug in the drawer. They don’t move and…

…will finally keep the various stacks from merging together. Maybe these drawers will stay organized for more than a few weeks! Thus is the power of cardboard. 🙂