Question for you. If you were an eBay buyer would the following pictures convince you to purchase these items?

No? Me, either. Here’s my problem. Some of those items ARE something I’m putting up, specifically the Mega Man NT Warrior and Batman figures. (Pictures 2 & 3 respectively.) If you have been reading this blog for a while you will have noticed I’ve apologized on more than one occasion for the bad pictures or not used pictures that were too bad to use. While I treat this site more casual and less “professional” than I do my other site (this just being a source of encouragement for my fellow clutter cleaners as well as making ME clean, so I have an article) I’ve still been disappointed with results and these pictures would never do for an eBay auction or “buy it now” feature. Luckily, there are many videos and “DIY sites online that can show you how to create your own miniature photo studio for cheap. Really just a price of a cardboard box.

Yes, our old friend cardboard is back only this time we need the box itself. I could (and started to) put up a pictorial of my process, but while I had planned to make some major changes from the norm, I found out the norm is actually right. So here’s a video of someone else showing you how to build your own photo studio so you can push some of your clutter into someone else’s pile.

BEFORE you start building yours read this first: I chose this video because it was best of what I found, but there are all sorts of videos and articles where you can find minor alterations of these plans. Usually all four flaps are removed, but leaving the bottom one may help stabilize the poster board, and I’ve seen one where they left the side flaps to help reduce lens flares. I also am not going to secure the poster board like he did because I may want to replace it with backgrounds or a green screen for photo projects.

I’ve seen the tissue paper glued in, although that won’t work with mine. Talking over it with my dad, I’m planning to use double-sided tape to put it on the inside rather than the outside. My thought is that if I want to store it, it would be safer that way. (Actually, I was going to recover the holes, but there isn’t enough room to put the pieces in without damaging the paper anyway or connect slightly larger pieces to use as covers.) One video showed how to reinforce the insides and I may well do that…and just typing that gave me an idea I need to develop. If you don’t have tissue paper, I’ve also seen recommendations of tracing paper and white t-shirts. Your using it to spread and diffuse the light which makes a big difference as you saw in the video.

I’ve seen lighting set-ups where they used one lamp shining through the top hole or camera flashes on continuous beam in place of the lamps he uses in the video. I say check around YouTube or articles like this and decide on what works best for you BEFORE building your own studio. Sadly, there are none coming up in my “related articles” list that WordPress gives us or I’d put some at the end of the article.

At any rate the results of my project will be posted next week, because it’s high time I started putting items on eBay to give me some room around here. And those photos above aren’t going to cut it. And if you already have a DIY studio or know of a website or video that shows some other ways to go about building one, feel free to post in the comments and tell us what YOU did differently. Let’s all work together to clean our clutter.