Since I didn’t get to go to my convention last weekend I decided to work on a particular video for this site. I started doing the occasional “video review” over at my other site because video clips I would use in articles would be taken down. The same thing happened to me in a review for this site, Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game for the PC. While I may still Video Game Reports in article form, I will also use video reviews (or “video articles” as I like to think of them) in the form of a show called Video Game Clutter.

In this first episode, which was previewed on my other site, I just went over the various gaming platforms. It’s a bit slow at parts but will give you an idea as to what’s to come in future videos.

I hope the next one will be a bit shorter, just go through the game and decide if I want to keep playing it, and hopefully better sounding. I bought a new camera and decided to re-shoot most of my video, but just didn’t get to redo the audio. (Also forgot to redo the Atari footage, so that was done with the old camera–except the game footage which was done with the rest.

In the next installment I’ll actually review a game from the Atari 800, NES, Game Boy, CD-I, or PC. I haven’t decided which one or when the episode will come out, but next week it’s back to pictures and words.

I may have a problem in the future…