Another messy corner. I’ve got to stop throwing junk in the corner. This particular mess is making it harder for me to get to certain videos, games, and other software. Time to reorganize again.

No, this isn't a knock-off lightsaber toy.

This little device is meant to suck up bugs without hurting them (and only somewhat reduces the need to chase them all over the house). It’s a good idea, but mine is broken. I need to find a new one, but right now this thing just keeps getting in the way. Throw it out already!

A sneak preview of future reviews.

The rest of it gets organized and separated. Software and my games (PC and CD-i) will go in the rack I bought for them. The VHS tapes and DVDs will be better organized on the floor until I finish going through my video library and clear some of that out (or convert it to smaller DVDs).

Cheap rack when I bought it, but it works.

Taking a step back you can see how the CDs were organized. I found a music CD that belongs in my music rack. My collection includes Video CDs (the precursor of the DVD), comics with added sound and video, software that dates back to my first PC (will probably do something with those), and an anime that played using Quicktime, which tells some of you just how old that thing is. I put the CD-i games together alphabetically then did the same with the PC games. The non-game software is a bit mixed up at the moment because I wanted to get off the floor-and my knees. As I go through stuff I’ll go over it and see what I don’t need anymore.

Here I’m just showing off some of the CD-I games and reference material I have. All will be reviewed; the games via Video Game Clutter once I get a video capture device and the reference material possibly in an article if at all.

Once again, an improvement but not perfect. Baby steps, I guess but at least now I can reach the stuff I want to review. Still, there are times the more I do this the more I realize what a disaster I’ve made of this place. The work never ends.