This week was all about getting over a cold, working on a special project for this week’s comic strip, and dealing with the upcoming Super Bowl, both at work and the annual commercial review at my other blog. However, I’m thinking that NEXT weekend I’ll have the opening I need to get some organizing done. If I’m not busy watching this:

Picked that up yesterday. It has both the US and original Japanese versions of the film. The box takes up half the size of a VHS, which means I’m about to clear a lot of room on my shelf. (I have a fansub of the Japanese version back when you couldn’t get a subtitled version of the original film in this country plus a legal VHS of the Americanized movie.) I will review this set, although reviewing the movie would be pointless because I’ve already done that on my other site. This plus a couple of videos I have to film should fill up the week nicely.