AH! Where did all my videos go? I’m sick for one week and somebody swipes all my video cassettes and DVDs? Oh, wait, there they are.

Holidays. Nutty work hours. A rather nasty virus. It’s all conspired to slow down my clutter cleaning projects. This week I took the initiative and found a way to get back to this. Post-holiday I was worried about getting into a slump and letting apathy take over. So I found a way to get a big project done and get back into the game, as it were. This week’s project was to reorganize my video library, to re-alphabetize and re-sort my collection.

There aren’t a lot of pictures because there isn’t a lot to show you. I’ve been making a list of all the videos–in VHS, DVD, and VCD formats–so I can go through them. My plan is to watch at least one video, be it tape or disk, a week, which means box sets of more than one disk will take a while longer to go through. Then again, there’s no reason I have to stop at one, right?

Between new pickups, like the Batman serials and the Godzilla movies, and stuff I already own, the collection got a bit out of order. As an example of how bad it got, I didn’t know I had a VHS version of Destroy All Monsters and while the recently released DVD version is obviously superior for a number of reasons and takes up less space I extended the budget a bit to get it and I would have been better off waiting. (The Godzilla Criterion Collection, however, I probably would have still gotten since it beats my fansub of the original movie and if you’ve read my review it was so worth it.)

There’s not a lot to write about, but it was a big task and now I’m ready to go through it and see what I really want and don’t want. Also, by making myself work on a bigger task I’m hopefully back in full gear after the holidays and the aforementioned virus to get back to cleaning up this place.