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I’m not a collector of “card battle games” likeĀ Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering, or any of the many other ones out there. (There’s a Transformers one I considered getting but never came across it.) Most of the trading cards in my collection (all collected into a big binder) are just images from movies and TV shows. There are a few from the card battle games but I got them for the same reasons I got the non-game trading cards. I like the artwork.

However, as a huge Godzilla fan I would gladly collect an entire Godzilla-based trading card battle game because I love the characters and there would have to be some darn good art attached. I still wouldn’t play (unless I had someone to play with) but I’d collect the cards. So when I saw the “Godzilla Stomp!” game in my comic catalog I immediately ordered it. It turned out to be a playing card game, something more along the lines of Uno than Yu-Gi-Oh. With all the distractions I’ve had since ordering it I didn’t get a chance to even open the package until this week. Who knows, maybe the art would still be good? Well, you get to find out when I did as I did an “unboxing” type video about it.