I was expecting this week’s project to be hard. In this drawer I have my art models (for when I need poses that require a body that looks like a person, unlike my art mannequin with a non-human torso). Since I don’t know anybody who will dress up in costumes for me (plus I don’t have said costumes), I want to turn to action figures, when I can find ones with natural human pose ranges. For example, Hyoga, but he’s a bit taller than most of today’s action figures. (I can always use him for a solo pose or as a giant.) Luckily I have Captain Marvel, two Iron Men, a Spider-Man, and some random accessories. I still want more, so I can have a few more body types. For example, I have no female models. I do have a few more action figures to go over, but no female figures.

The problem is that the drawer pretty much has everything together so that it looks more like my junk drawer. However, I have the solution.

Once again it’s cardboard to the rescue!

As you may recall by now, using broken boxes to create dividers is the cheap, easy way to go about things. My first question, though, is how to go about it. After finding a temporary place to put my old homemade pencil box (it’s still usable for something), I first had to come out with a layout for the dividers.

First I take some scraps and see how I can pull it off. For my small drawers I used a tab system, but for my larger drawers I had strong enough cardboard to just wedge it in place. I decided that the tab system wouldn’t work because the compartments would be too big. I don’t need things as tight-fitting as the larger drawers, but I do need something that will stay standing.

There was another problem. I needed to be able to get at the accessories in the back and this set-up made it hard without pulling the divider or the entire drawer out. That won’t work.

I also decided that since I only have one figure Hyoga’s size that didn’t need to separate them by size, at least not at this time. Sometimes you have to change your organizing setup as you acquire new or eliminate old stuff. For now I just needed a divider that would stay in place but allow me to get stuff out of the back, which I won’t need as often.

So I grabbed a piece of cardboard that would wedge into place enough to not flop around when the drawer was opened or closed but could be easily moved to get at the stuff in the back. It’s not the most ideal solution ordinarily but it’s all I really need at the moment.

So yeah, I thought this was going to be a lot of work trying different things, doing and redoing the dividers, getting everything to fit just so. Instead the “lazy” way was actually the best way. Occasionally that actually does happen. Sadly not often enough, but it’s nice when it does. Although as I get more models I may require more divisions, which means we may come back to this in the future. For now, easy work. I’m not going to argue.