Hey, a new picture! Amazing.

I know I was going to do a review, but I’ve had a little trouble staying connected to the internet, and last weekend my friend took it home so he would have time to track down the problem. So while I had my newish laptop to fall back on there wasn’t a lot I could do. Thus, I took the opportunity to continue organizing my collection.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m “labeling” comics. What that means is that when I put the comic into the bag there’s a bit of space just above it since the backing board (that keeps the comic nice and flat) is usually around an inch higher than the comic. I use that space to write the name of the comic, the cover/publishing date, and the publisher/imprint. I got the idea from the comic store I was going to at the time; they would write the name of the comic in that space, but I decided to add more information.

All the comics not in the long box are currently labeled and the removable tape in place. Now I need to go through this pile and alphabetize all of it to complete this next phase. I’m going to be busy. I’ll try to get that review done in the meantime, or just grab something from the other site.