I’m going to be hitting the local convention circuit for the next couple of months. I want to take along my recording gear and my new (old) laptop. I don’t have a carrying bag for the laptop and it currently isn’t in my budget. Plus I have to carry that, the camera bag, and the tripod. That’s a lot of stuff to carry, even for only two of the four cons I’ll be going to.

Lucky for me I have some old bags I can use, but neither one really fits the bill for my needs. Lucky for me again I have another bag.

This is the only backpack to ever survive my schooling experience. I’m pretty sure it’s from my senior year of high school. That in itself is an amazing feat. It’s still in rather good shape. However, advances in what we used to call “book bags” design have made them sturdier and easier on the back. They hold stuff in place better. This was designed to carry a lot, which is its advantage depending on your back and which study you follow. Still I thought a little sturdiness couldn’t hurt.

Yes, cardboard. If you’re surprised, you are new to the site. Hi!

It didn’t work quite as I hoped. I used some cardboard to make the bottom flatter, like modern-day shopping bags. I also wanted a piece big enough to give the sides some support as well. These things worked fair enough. However, I also wanted to make compartments, like camera backpacks (which sadly have no space to put a laptop or I may put it away for a future purchase). The bag is a bit too floppy for that based on it was created, I’m sorry to report. While it does have two zippered pouches on the outside to carry smaller things (may sneak in some snacks to the convention center, although I know I’m going to be grabbing a cinnamon bun or two before the weekend is out–they’re yummy) the main job was carrying a bunch of stuff around to and from school. Frankly I’m not even sure the cardboard backing is going to help.

Of course, I’ll know for sure when I first use it and I’ll let you know then how well it works. Until then: back to comics.