Last week I reinforced this old book bag so I can bring some gear with me to the conventions this year. However, as I continued to mess around with it I found that it’s going to be a pain (probably on my back) carrying this around the convention floor. So I went ahead and got myself something a bit more professional looking, an actual messenger bag.

The one within my price range yet able to carry my laptop (I had been looking for a laptop case, but this looked much better for my needs) is this version by Swiss Gear. The “Anthem Computer Slimcase” is black with a red stripe on the front but I’ve seen some online just now that are all black or has more red in the front. There are three ways to carry it: the adjustable shoulder strap, the padded handles, and a trolley strap that you can slip over your luggage handle if you have one with wheels and a handle.

There are three different pocket areas in this thing. One is for various papers and pens, another is for the computer, and there’s a third general purpose one on the front. There is also an non-zippered pouch at the top. That makes a lot of places to store stuff.

How well will it work? I won’t know for sure until I use it at the next convention but I do plan to do a little testing to see what gear will go where (as in my camera, power supplies, spare batteries, that sort of thing). I have high hopes but I’ll do a follow-up review after the convention. Next week I’ll show off one more major con purchase (not counting the hotel).

As for the backpack, I may stuff all my con gear in there to bring it into the hotel. The less I have to carry in the better.