One of my Twitter followers may get a kick out of this, as he blogs about Pez (so into it that the blog’s title swears) and looks for other people who collect Pez dispensers. Now I’ve never been a big Pez collector. At the time I picked most of these up I was working at a telemarketing company, and it’s as boring as it sounds. I lasted about two months before they let me go. She was a fair boss, but things didn’t work for me there. I’m sure you really didn’t care, but I only bring it up because of why I picked them up, which was to have something between calls to stave off hunger. I was actually known by one co-worker because of the Pez dispensers.

I wanted a bit of variety so I picked up a few different ones, and for fun I thought I’d share them with you. And Jason. Besides, the toy reviews seem to get the most traffic, although I should do some more organizing, too.

The comic book set.

I actually broke the Spider-Man one out recently and re-introduced him to the candies to bring to work. They’re easy to pop out of view unless I have a line of customers. Also, this is one of two that fit in my pockets the way I put stuff in them lately. I’m not putting Batman in there. This was during one of the movies, and those ears are kind of pointy. Not puncture pointy but they still hurt when the stab you.

You’re probably wondering why I have Raphael instead of Donatello. Remember that the original color of everyone’s masks was red when the comics were in color (usually covers and reprints), while the original cartoon for some reason let Raph keep the red and gave the other three different colors. I just figured this could represent any Turtle. In hindsight I wish I had gotten Donnie, but this is the one I have. So be it.

The Peanuts set.

I love the Peanuts strips and cartoons. Charlie Brown is my favorite because we’re a lot alike. We both have a thing for red-haired girls, and in school I always felt like an outsider. Charlie Brown never gave up and that may have been a bit inspiring. As for Snoopy, who doesn’t love Snoopy?

The umm….what’s left set. Yeah, let’s go with that.

More favorites here. Gonzo is my favorite of the Muppet Show Muppets (for the record, Grover is my favorite Sesame Street Muppet) and Daffy as you’ll recall is my favorite Looney Tune. While R2D2 is usually everyone’s favorite Droid, I lean more towards C-3PO, the one everybody calls “gay” when he’s really just proper and a bit stuck-up. Still he has a good heart battery and he’s just funny to watch although he does work best when teamed with his Astromech counterpart.

The lamb? I needed something for Easter and that’s what they had at the store.

The gang’s all here.

There are times I’ve considered getting the Iron Man or Superman dispensers (Superman is one of the new “bust” style dispensers instead of the traditional head) because they’re my favorite heroes of their respective comic book universes. Beyond that I’m not really a big Pez collector. They don’t take up much room so for the time being I’ll keep them around. Now about all these papers I need to go through……..

(That’s not a teaser for next week.)