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Holidays are over and outside of taking down the Christmas decorations at the end of the month I’m ready to resume clutter maintenance. This week I had some days off from work and took the week off from my other site to rest my batteries and prepare for another big clutter cleaning project. Or to do the same one over again. Something I realized is that there are a few areas in my space that seem to be magnets for clutter and if I’m ever going to get a handle on this I need to figure out how keep a mess from piling up on a few key areas.

In the interest of getting you all to think of your areas here are some of mine.


The sitting space

You’ve seen every space in question if you’ve read my first ever post. This one is different from the others as this is where clothes seem to end up. The intention of moving this remaining couch sectional into the bedroom was so I would have a place to sit and read at night, if I wanted to, for example, read my Bible before bed. (At the time I didn’t have a place in what is becoming my studio. This also reminds me I need a bulb for the light above it unless it turns out the light is broken.) It’s also where I can put on my pants and shoes in the morning…or it would be if there weren’t all these clothes sitting there and there are days it looks much worse than in this picture.

If I could just get some hangers for my work clothes this would be solved a bit more but the bigger problem is when I’m sick, tired, or busy I put the clothes here rather than putting them away–and I could possibly organize my clothes as well. Since work now has a tighter dress code I don’t get to wear all the shirts I have. When I go out, unless it is for a special event, I tend to lean toward T-Shirts and the ones I was using as undershirts I don’t need with the new dress code. This should be a future project. Whether or not it solves the couch issue I really can’t say.


the computer desk

All other clutter can be traced back to this. All my papers, from bills to unopened mail to receipts I have yet to file to junk mail I haven’t looked over yet, pretty much end up here. I mentioned once that I found a envelope with $55 mixed in with this junk from about four months prior. That’s how bad it can get.

This was actually the source of this week’s project as well. I picked up a receipt holder thingy for notes for my comic strip but when I stopped using it for that for various reasons I recently decided to use it as originally intended–a place to stick my receipts until I properly file them. I’m not sure how much that will help. In addition to receipts I have leftover flyers from conventions I’ve covered, newsletters, coupons, and other assorted junk. The main force of the project this week is to take all of that, organize it, file it, and then go through the individual files to clean the clutter out of those. As of this writing the project goes well.


the pinball machine

When K-Mart was liquidating some of their stores a number of years back (including one it just opened a few months previously) I was able to get my hand on a small pinball machine. It’s one of those you get for kids but I still like it. I’d link to something on it but all I found were used sales since the show it’s based on, Gundam Wing, is long since off the air, but I know it was sold by a company called Funrise, who made numerous versions of the game, just with different stickers on it. It’s still pretty fun.

Of course, it’s hard to play it when junk keeps piling up on it. In addition to stuff that can’t fit with the other clutter on the computer desk I end up with boxes from stuff I picked up, the occasional big book, and other things. I’d play this more if I had a place to keep it permanently plugged in I might play it more often or I might not…but if I don’t figure out how to keep stuff from covering it it won’t matter!

A TV Tray

Right now it has my little Christmas tree but I have this old TV tray that I used to eat by the TV and then put away. Or at least I did until it somehow became yet another home for papers and stuff, sharing the duty with the pinball machine. Luckily I picked up a new TV tray that I can also use as a makeshift desk but this other tray I want to use to set up my mini-photo studio on…if I can keep the other stuff from pushing it aside.

I also still have that pile of comics on the floor, just in a smaller grouping. I need to get what I need to finish that job..for the most part. The thing is, identifying the problem isn’t enough. I have organizers that I need to start using but I also need to make the time to put these things where they belong, read the books and newsletters taking over, and either properly storing or just throwing out the papers and other stuff I don’t need. Guess I’d better get back to it, then.