One way to assist in clutter management is by not adding to the clutter. Sounds simple but for an example…

Bumblebee Battle Suit

This is the Transformers Prime Bumblebee Battle Suit, which I found on clearance. Looks cool, doesn’t it? And it might look nice on the Bumblebee shelf. It even comes with a little Bumblebee, based on Transformers Prime. It’s part of the “Cyberverse” line, a series of smaller Transformers figures, possibly for those with space and money issues. The suit itself is a bit larger than most normal Transformers, but can interact with other Cyberverse figures. There are other playsets and battle suits in the Cyberverse line, but being my favorite Autobot this is the one that got my attention.

But after thinking about it, there really isn’t room on the shelf for something this big, and I already own a Cyberverse Prime Bumblebee, so even at the reduced price I just didn’t feel right getting it. And so, as a shock to many, I didn’t pick it up. It would have been nice to own, but at this time I can’t justify the purchase with my current storage space. Maybe when I’ve cleared the clutter out a bit I’ll regret not getting it but for now I think I made the right decision. There are a number of Bumblebee figures I’d love to add to the shelf and some I don’t really need for one reason or another.

This may seem minor to you but it really is something to keep in mind. You will be buying new stuff, and it could end up being more clutter. Think about that during your own clutter cleaning process, even after you’ve completed the cleaning. After all, that’s how we got in this mess (pun semi-intended) in the first place, isn’t it?