I’m not a huge Digimon fan, but I do really like the third season, known in Japan as Digimon Tamers. Digimon was created before Pokémon, but came to the US after it to catch in on the little pocket monsters. I did, however, pick up the two figures above because I thought they’d make nice nicknacks. They’re only a few inches high.

Now I’m not going to break out all the Digimon terms so casual readers don’t have to worry about that. For fans, you know all the levels and Digivolving and all that stuff so you don’t need me to go over it. We’re just looking at the toys on their own merits and not the minutia of the franchise. That said, on to the review.


Wargreymon is one of the best fighters in the series. He’s not quite Godzilla-sized but he still hands higher than your house. This is…slightly smaller. Still, there are some nice paint applications. Warry’s hair and armor are well done. The nails are white while his blades are black. For his size and price it’s well done with one exception. The back of the wings have a molded in crest that makes sense in the original show, but you can’t see it because it wasn’t painted. On the show the crest was highlighted and you’d think it could done here. That’s my only complaint in that department.

Articulation is minimal. The head and waist can turn left and right but that’s it unless you count his slashing gimmick, performed by turning the wings. Frankly it looks more like he’s juggling. I would have rather had poseable arms or at least turn the palms, and thus the blades, in a better position. The legs can’t move but with those big feet it would be hard to pose them anyway, even with ankles. Still it’s not a bad little piece.


Of the two, I prefer Metalgarurumon here. It’s a cyborg wolf with missile launcher and wings. How can you not like that? MetalG’s paint apps are also good, if not better since the molded vents and joints look just fine without paint. The missiles are yellow like the launchers but that makes a certain amount of sense for the size and it doesn’t bother me as much.

Articulation is limited to all four legs, which allows for walking and pouncing poses. The wings are a soft plastic and have minor positioning. The action gimmick is a biting jaw activated by pushing down the tale. You can make him talk. 🙂 Unlike Wargreymon’s juggling attack it works right, but you can’t lock the jaw open. That doesn’t bother me.


Decision: Stays

To be honest, if someone I knew wanted Wargreymon I might consider it. I’m not really as invested in it as I was. However, shipping might cost more than the figure itself. (He said, not having looked.) MetalGarurumon on the other hand is still a cool-looking figure I enjoy looking at. Fans would also know that I would be splitting apart a team, but they don’t take up a lot of space and they’re both still pretty neat nicknacks. But MetalGarurumon is my favorite.