junk drawer 01

I didn’t have time to clean again this week. Well, actually I did. But what I cleaned was stuff I cleaned already, like getting clothes off of the couch piece. Again. Sometimes it seems like new clutter appears just as soon as you got rid of the old stuff, and that’s only if you’re lucky. Sometimes the clutter builds before you can knock it down. So once again I find myself asking why. (Or perhaps “why does this keep happening to me God, why?” on a bad day.) I’m not sure of all my solutions yet, which is one of the reasons I started this blog but I’m darn good at identifying my foes! Like the G.I. Joe TV show used to say, knowing is half the battle. Sadly Flint was always silent on the other half. Thanks for nothing.

I think I discovered my biggest clutter foe: illness. When the papers begin piling on the desk colds, allergies, or my lower back issues tend to be responsible. When clothes pile up on the couch piece rather than going into the drawers and closets, these also seem to be going on. Sometimes I’m just tired after a long day of work or driving around shopping. (The latter explains why receipts end up all over the place, even though I have one of those things you put receipts onto.)

Time is another foe, but those of you with similar issues with clutter already knew that. I write two articles a week (sadly not getting paid for either–anyone want to hire me to write storytelling commentaries and reviews?), although the Saturday one is often a repost to a site I contribute to rather than own myself, but Sunday I do make a comic for the latter. There’s also this site, whose mission is to help me to clean and organize for article material. I’ve also been trying to create videos because they’re fun and a new way to talk about certain subjects or make reviews. Those take a LOT of time to write, shoot, and edit. This leads to unread mail, and that has led more than once lately to a bill going out late not because I didn’t have the money but because it got lost in the shuffle.

And I’ve had the money lately, more or less. My place of employment had new owners, the second time since I started working there and in the last two or three years. I get more hours now, and more money. However, the “floating hours” are new to me and adjusting is hard when I don’t have the same hours or work the same days every week. This is against how my mind works and how I schedule stuff, since I tend to be someone who lives by patterns. Now I’m at the whim of fate, and it actually cost me something fun I wanted to do last night. It also means that my income changes from week to week, making budgeting a new challenge.

These are the hurdles I deal with. While the back is fine, the cold is gone, and the allergies are under control time is still an enemy I deal with. I can’t let this divert me from my goal of getting my collection trimmed, my junk organized or tossed out,¬† my stack of DVDs finally watched, and both my hard drive and DVR cleared. I’m not and can’t give up. I want my living space and the under-“construction” studio up to full snuff both for project productivity and just happier living. And getting my bills in on time.