I’ll Get This Thing Cleaned Off Yet




You again, huh? I was going to do another DVD review this week, but I decided getting this cleaned took priority. This is an old picture; what I had here looked much worse. As I write this there’s still some work left to do. I’m determined to get this mess back into useable workspace. I’ll keep you posted.



Toy Report> The Free Comic Book Day HeroClix

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Heroclix box

I know very little about HeroClix the game. I’ve never played it and never really studied it. I don’t really know the rules, but the bases turn to show different icons at different points, which is how the game is played. I think. That’s not why I own them. I own them because they’ve been given out for the last few Free Comic Book Days, usually in conjunction with whatever comic book-based superhero movie is coming out.

And these things are just so cool looking. A lot of gaming miniatures have posed figures but HeroClix goes a bit further, possibly because they can sitting on a disk that’s needed for the game. They’re also fully painted, though not extravagantly so. This is still a collectible figure game, like Yu-Gi-Oh but in plastic. Most of these HeroClix are superheroes although they have tried branching out into other battles, like Transformers. I wouldn’t mind adding one of those to the Bumblebee shelf, but all I have are the movie ones. Interestingly this year got a collectible box (above) while the other usually just came with a baggie and instructions I can’t follow. So let’s look at the two versions of the toys, two DC heroes and stuff based on the Iron Man movies.


In Which Time Defeats Me Again

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Thanks to a last-minute change in my work schedule I couldn’t budget ANY cleaning time. That really bugs me, and the computer desk is getting cluttered again. I don’t know how that keeps happening. Hopefully I’ll have more time this week to get something reviewed or at least cleaned up. I’m really getting tired of being surrounded by this mess.