Heroclix box

I know very little about HeroClix the game. I’ve never played it and never really studied it. I don’t really know the rules, but the bases turn to show different icons at different points, which is how the game is played. I think. That’s not why I own them. I own them because they’ve been given out for the last few Free Comic Book Days, usually in conjunction with whatever comic book-based superhero movie is coming out.

And these things are just so cool looking. A lot of gaming miniatures have posed figures but HeroClix goes a bit further, possibly because they can sitting on a disk that’s needed for the game. They’re also fully painted, though not extravagantly so. This is still a collectible figure game, like Yu-Gi-Oh but in plastic. Most of these HeroClix are superheroes although they have tried branching out into other battles, like Transformers. I wouldn’t mind adding one of those to the Bumblebee shelf, but all I have are the movie ones. Interestingly this year got a collectible box (above) while the other usually just came with a baggie and instructions I can’t follow. So let’s look at the two versions of the toys, two DC heroes and stuff based on the Iron Man movies.

Heroclix DC

“Have I told you how awesome I am lately?” “Shut up, Hal.”

On the left is Batman (duh), which I believe came out for either the second or third film of the Nolan Trilogy. (I want to say the second one, The Dark Knight.) The colors, however, are a mix of his more classic grey and blue and possibly his look in the Arkham Asylum video game only without the armor. The traditional blue areas (cowl, cape, and crotch) are black rather than blue but I kind of like it. It’s portrays a darker Batman without being the more modern brooding “I must destroy all crime” version I don’t really care for. My favorite parts are the gargoyle he’s standing on and how the cape flows out. I’ve always said Batman has the coolest cape in comics and it really shows here.

On the right is Green Lantern, because the movie was coming out. Again, they went for the comics, but I don’t have a problem with that. Getting the movie texture, which frankly looks silly anyway, in there would be really hard for a game piece that fits in your hand, even ones as well done as these. That green thing coming off of his hand is supposed to represent using his “power ring” but I’m worried the thing could break off. Additionally, this is the first of the HeroClix I’ve obtained to have the hero’s symbol on the base along with his name, production number, and some symbols for the game. I’m not really sure what GL is standing on. It could be trying to represent a building or alien craft or something, but it doesn’t take away from the quality of the piece.

And you thought rich people had trouble deciding what to wear.

And you thought rich people had trouble deciding what to wear.

Of course Iron Man would get into this. All three Iron Man movies came out close enough to Free Comic Book Day. Iron Man 3 came out the same weekend. So all three movies had representation. On the left is the regular Iron Man, which also resembles the comic version, although the only difference between the movie and comics version of the time was the shoulder pads (a big larger on the comic version) and the “unibeam” chest design (more of a triangle on the comic armor).  The clear base gives the impression that he’s flying better than Green Lantern’s (which came out later) but I have no idea what the piece on the left side is for. It slides up and down and looks like something could connect to it, but like I said I’ve never paid attention to the game.

In the center is War Machine, which could be either the comic or the movie, since the armors of Iron Man 2 were so close to the comics design, a testament to the late Stan Winston and his team. Like the regular armor, the figure is painted in shades of grey. However, they added yellow to his machine gun bullet belt, which is more impressive than even doing Batman’s utility belt since I don’t think anyone would have missed it for the size and price (free) while the colors on the others, like Batman’s belt, would be missed. Nice job, guys.

Finally, we have this year’s offering and the only one definitely based on the movie, namely the one in the ads. As of this writing I still haven’t made it out to the theater thanks to bad timing and my work schedule. I’m hoping to see it with my friends but things are working against that. That makes this the most colorful of all the pieces. The red is a bit lighter than the first one, and now there are gold/silverish areas all over the armor. The Avengers logo is also on the base, much like the Green Lantern figure and his symbol. The clear blue “swoosh” gives this Iron Man a little more flash in his flying and it looks just a little more likely to not snap off than the first Iron Man armor or Green Lantern’s power blast. I like it, even though I’m not a fan of this scheme. It reminds me of the briefcase armor from the second film which by nature was underpowered compared to his regular suit so this looks just as weak.

Heroclix group

If I had to choose a favorite I’d have to say it was Batman. The colors work best and he looks just so cool standing there. The Iron Man 3 armor would be next even though I don’t care for the color scheme. It looks more lively than the rest. Overall, even if you’re not into the game they make for great knickknacks. So I think I’ll hold on to these, but I’m not really drawn into buying more. I will accept them for future Free Comic Book Day events provided it’s not a character I have no interest in. They don’t take up much room and they do look really cool