Convention Hiatus

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It’s convention season again and July takes a lot of time thanks to two conventions, one of them being a three day event. So while I still plan to do a little straightening up I want to focus on getting everything ready for that. So there most likely won’t be any reports (unless I get some time) for July. I plan to keep cleaning up and maybe a tip or two will pop up, or a review gets done but don’t plan on seeing anything until about August. See you then.


A Clutter Story Besides Mine

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I don’t have pictures for this one as I wasn’t there at the time. The one above is just to have something on the home page. This isn’t about my clutter but my grandparents. Long story short my grandparents moved out of their trailer to someplace else. (They’re still alive as I write this.) And my aunt and uncle moved in. What follows is a cautionary tale about keeping control of your mess.


Boxed Out

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Here at The Clutter Reports we have seen that cardboard can be your friend. It can also be a fire hazard and something else to trip over or cover your desk or shelves. So this week’s assignment is a boring article but a necessary operation. Some boxes I keep because it’s good to store things in to keep it protected. But if there is something I’m not storing away or have another option for, it’s going to go into the recycling bin. I actually did this recently with mail-in boxes that are too small for the drawer dividers or any other current project and it’s not like they’re hard for me to get if I need them in the future. Even if I stop working at the store I think they would be willing to put something aside and I will be ordering more things in the future. They’re easy to replace. Otherwise, if they aren’t needed for storage and I’m not sending the item back, it’s in the way and so it’s going away. That should clean up a little room up here.

Just remember to check through the box before folding or breaking it up. I almost threw out an extension cable for my webcam I didn’t even know (or at least forgot) came with it.

Comic Report: DC Universe Presents #50

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This one comes from my other site so it’s a bit more relaxed than a usual Clutter Report review. I did get my computer desk cleaned off like I wanted to and now the battle with clutter on it begins anew. However, this week was devoted to some new video equipment and thus this transferred review which was actually quite recent.

Superman is my favorite DC superhero, possibly my favorite superhero period. It’s not just the amazing powers he has, but what he does with them. Despite what this cynical age (which sadly includes too many superhero writers) believes would or should happen, he helps people and then tries to lead a normal life. He’s someone who kids can admire and adults should try to be more like, and his adventures can be somewhat mundane or large and fantastic. Where Batman is versatile with how he can be portrayed, Superman is versatile with what kinds of stories he can be part of.

I grew up in a very Superman-friendly period. Adventures Of Superman was in syndicated reruns, as were the Filmation cartoons, we had a series of theatrical releases, and even Superboy had his own syndicated TV series for a while…which went into some weird ideas in the later seasons. As far as comics, I had the Justice League of America comic I’ve reviewed on my other site, a book & record where Superman fought a terrorist group, which is boring to review but a good read/listen, and DC Comics Presents #50, a comic I once lost but happily found a back-issue of so I can still enjoy. And it’s just as good a read now as it was then. This was Superman’s team-up book, and he teamed with many of the DC Universe’s best and newest and even traveled to Eternia to fight alongside He-Man. So who did he join forces with during the “50th Golden Jubilee Issue!”?

DC Comics Presents #50

Greatest team-up ever?

DC Comics Presents Vol. 5 #50

Featuring Superman and Clark Kent

DC Comics (October, 1982)

WRITERS: Dan Mishkin & Gary Cohn
ARTIST: Curt Swan & Kurt Shaffenberger
COLORIST: Gene D’Angelo
LETTERER: A. Kawecki
EDITOR: Julius Schwartz

That’s right, Superman teams with his own alter-ego. And to quote an old cliche, “not a hoax, not an imaginary story”. This team-up is actual DC canon pre-Crisis. So how did this happen?


DVD Report: Godzilla Vs. Biollante

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I’ve noted in the past that I’m a huge Godzilla fan. I’m also trying to make some room on the video shelf and replacing VHS with DVDs is the best way to do it. It doesn’t hurt that finding a VHS player will someday be near impossible, although I have yet to switch to Blu-Ray. (No HD TV anyway.)  So when I found Godzilla Vs. Biollante at K-Mart for $5 I grabbed it. And paid for it, with the lady cashier even saying it was a classic and she didn’t sound like she was joking. Actually, I don’t care if she was because I happen to think it is.

Godzilla vs Biollante

Construction companies must be the richest businesses in Tokyo. Right after cleaning services.

Godzilla Vs. Biollante

DISTRIBUTORS: Miramax and Echo Bridge Home Entertainment
STARRING:Kunihiko Mitamura, Yoshiko Tanaka, Yasuko Sawaguchi Emi Kodaka, Masanoru Takashima, Turu Minegish, Ryunosuki Kaneda & Koji Takahashi
DIRECTOR: Kazuki Ohmori
PRODUCER: Tomoyuki Tanaka