I don’t have pictures for this one as I wasn’t there at the time. The one above is just to have something on the home page. This isn’t about my clutter but my grandparents. Long story short my grandparents moved out of their trailer to someplace else. (They’re still alive as I write this.) And my aunt and uncle moved in. What follows is a cautionary tale about keeping control of your mess.

Most of what I’m going to write here is third-hand information but I can attest to a few things. For one they kept a lot of junk in their tub, preferring sponge baths. Now that’s a personal choice and as long as their clean I guess that’s what matters. But the question is why they used the tub as storage space? It was minor stuff, because the big stuff was in the basement. I’ve never been in there but they spend a long time cleaning that out as well.

They had a lot of pictures on the wall but this isn’t a decorating blog, it’s a clutter maintenance blog. They did, however, have a lot of stuffed animals, a night table that took up a lot of what little room they had in the “living room” (the trailer has two small rooms, one bath, a kitchenette with breakfast bar, and a big living room-type space–“big” being a relative term) and two refrigerators. That seems to be a lot of stuff for such a small space. One of the reasons I’m trying to clear out my clutter is space issues.

It gets worse, though. They didn’t let a lot of light in, which made the mold happy. When they went to clean out the trailer for the move there was a lot of cleaning to do. A new floor had to be put down, I think they put up new panelling on the walls, they seldom used their air conditioner which led to a few issues, and I remember there being dog hairs everywhere. (They have a cute little dog, I couldn’t tell you what breed.) There’s also this side table that, during a power outage, my grandfather tripped over, breaking his neck and being laid up for quite a few months. And yet he wanted it right where it was. He’s kind of stubborn like that.

When they cleaned out the thing they needed a big dumpster for everything they had to get rid of. Some stuff was sent to Goodwill, some tossed away and I think there may be a few bits to sell off, They’re not getting rid of everything but I don’t think you need a list. My point in even bringing this up is that the place was crowded, smelled, was always really hot, and possibly had some health risks. Now don’t miss understand, they weren’t living in squalor. We wouldn’t have allowed that; we love them and they’ve always been there for us. It was basically clean, somebody dusted at some point, and the plumbing worked. But it’s still an example of clutter getting out of hand. At the very least they could have arranged stuff better, used the air conditioner (or at least opened a window and aired the place out), and opened a curtain when the sun wasn’t on that side.

So that makes me think even more about my own clutter situation, which will take a back seat the next two months with convention time looming again and other projects I also need to get a handle on. So there may not be as many reports but I’m going to try to get as much minor clutter clearing as I can before things stabilize again in September/October. And keep my grandparents in your thoughts and prayers, not only because of the clutter issue but because they could use the spiritual support right now in their new living space and how old they are. Every little bit helps…and I guess that’s true for clutter cleaning, too.