tree 2013a
I didn’t get to finish the computer supply drawer this week because I had Christmas decorating to do. As last year, the Autobots are celebrating Christmas around the tree because I needed somewhere to put them. So let’s see what the heroes of Cybertron are up to this year.

tree 2013bOptimus Prime couldn’t make the festivities this year, but Silverbolt is running the party well enough. The Mini-Cons are ready to open their presents.

tree 2013c

Grimlock and Downshift are admiring the tree, and Downshift looks ready to read a Christmas story. Blurr just put up the last decoration (or at least he has now as I just moved his arm after taking the picture) while Searchlight and Backwind are exchanging Christmas presents. (And yes, I know only Transformers fans know who’s who.)

tree 2013d

But Christmas events this year aren’t being reserved for around the tree this year. Red Alert and Hot Shot are trying to convince Brawn that weapons aren’t welcome at a Christmas party, Even Prowl is ashamed this guy is an Autobot. In my head this version of Brawn is every NRA stereotype used to besmirch gun collectors, except he only targets Decepticons.

tree 2013e

Speaking of Decepticons, Override is trying to extend an olive branch to Brimstone, hoping to use Christmas to forge an alliance between the Speed and Jungle planets and most of you have no idea what I’m talking about.

And thus we bit farewell to the Robots In Disguise to celebrate their Christmas season in peace.