It’s a crying shame when “temporary” takes years to find a permanent home. Take this bunch of stuff just underneath my desk. Some of this junk has been under there for years. You may notice leftover bits of our favorite cardboard box. There’s technically enough room for my feet to go under there, but I keep kicking stuff and I’ve been used to keeping one foot outside of the under the desk. It’s time to change this.


That’s a start.

I need to go through those magazines at some point. There are some really old WWF (now WWE) Magazines and issues of Nintendo Power, the now defunct Nintendo-produced gaming magazine. There are even some special books they were offering when I got my subscription, with full maps of older games. I’m going to need that. But what to do with all that stuff underneath.

underdesk03This stuff’s going out. Sitting in a leftover Gundam Model top (I had wanted the top but I’m settling for the version of the image on the booklets that came with it) was some inserts for stuff that is either being reserved for putting up like posters in the studio-in-production and some have been thrown out. The boxes for my external hard drives I want to hold on to for some reason.


Forget the junk on the bottom of the picture. That’s from something else and I forgot to crop it before uploading. For our interest is this grouping of software inside the Epic Pinball box. Oddly, that game was one NOT in there. There’s also a really out of date (and never very good) web design software program and some other stuff. I need to go over that as well. Some of that I moved to different storage. I also grabbed a bunch of other software and put some of them into the same box to save on space. I just need to figure out where to put the floppy disks.

Yes, I still use floppy disk. Shut up.


I want to see if I can get this camera running because unlike the crappy little one I use it doesn’t crap out on me. (I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered it.) This Polaroid Fun Flash, on the other hand, is a great cheap camera and probably still takes decent images even if it isn’t a superhuge megapixel camera. At least it could take pictures of my cleaning operation without shutting now. However, without focus or zoom I’ll still be using the video camera for review shots.


There was also some other junk down there that I didn’t show you. Now not only can both feet go under there without any trouble, which will take a little getting used to, but I can roll that thing to the right under the desk again. A job well done, and I got rid of some more junk. That’s the signs of a good clutter-cleaning project.

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