A basic estimating spreadsheet.

A basic estimating spreadsheet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This posting is late, but that’s just been my luck lately. Between family stuff and snow stuff I’ve been too busy to work on personal stuff and it’s working my nerves a bit. Hopefully things will calm down by the end of the month.

In the meantime, my project, which I’m still in the middle of, is to organize my financial clutter and put together not only a workable budget but being able to put money aside for supplies I need for my art and video work. Writing part is easy since I just need a working computer. Still, I would like to upgrade that at some point.

I have my “necessities”, or bills and some spending money. Out of that spending money I have to cover supplies but I do have a goal where I could get enough money from my projects to put that into the regular budget and keep my spending money free for other stuff, like longer term savings (I need an extra light and some light stands for my video work plus the computer upgrades). Ultimately I’d like to save for each of these to be purchased, and then set a new budget for review and reference material. These are long-term goals and will be listed to see not only what I have to get things started but what my further goals are.

I also want to put some money in my PayPal account so I can start getting rid of some of the stuff on eBay or trying to sell it directly through this site. It’s stuff I want to get rid of anyway and I could use the money more than things I’m not reading, watching, or playing with.

I don’t think there’s one budget that you have forever and ever. Times and needs change and your budget has to adapt to that. This is only what I need or want now. You have to start somewhere. I’m still one-up on Congress.

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