Let’s  talk about Drake’s snack cakes because they’re good and they’re back. I’m so happy having my Coffee Cakes again. I thought they were gone for good when Hostess (who bout Drake’s before they shut down) came back and Drake’s didn’t. As much as love my Twinkees I do like a good Devil Dog now and then. Well, they’re back and I’m happy. To celebrate, we will take a look at the first set of Drake’s comics with Marvel Super Heroes!

Two series were produced and packed inside boxes of Drake’s different snack cakes: Ring Dings, Devil Dogs, Yodels, and Coffee Cakes. We mostly bought Coffee Cakes and Devil Dogs at the future clutter zone at the time and I don’t remember which was the “chase comic”. I may have a few multiples if I didn’t throw them out. However, I picked up all four of the first series and all five of the second one. Each had their own running story but the stories could also stand on their own, which is how I like it. Still, the running plot was enough to want to get all of the set, and thus Drake’s made much money and you gained a greater mass. Everyone wins but your body! But was it worth it?

Drake's Marvels S1

Shared credits: Eric Fein (writer) George Roussos (colorist) Rick Parker (letterer), Glenn Herdling (editor) and Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

The third comic has no credits but since these were the names on the other three it’s safe to assume they worked on that one, too. Let’s breeze through this because they’re really rather short.

Jubilee and SPIDER-MAN: “Carnage On Campus”

(the caps indicating who the comic was spotlighting.

artists: Jim Craig (penciler) Dan & David Day (inkers)

Professor X sent Jubilee to check out Empire State University as a potential college when the Rhino shows up. His goal is a self-powered energy generator being demonstrated as a science expo at ESU. Jubilee is barely able to distract the Rhino until Spider-Man arrives to save the day. Rhino refuses to give up the name of his employer but does suggest Spidey check the docs. As he swings away familiar hands grab Jubilee.


“Maybe you should cut down on the Ring Dings, Rhino.”

Spider-Man and WOLVERINE: “Danger On The Docs”

artists: John Herbert (penciler) and Bill Anderson (inker(

Spidey hits the docs but doesn’t find anything until he runs across some goons. Searching the ship they’re guarding he come across remote-controlled rockets, Wolverine, Sabertooth, and the next key to the mystery. Sabertooth captured Jubilee for the same employer as Rhino but he also isn’t spilling his name. Spidey finds Bruce Banner’s notes on alternate energies. At this time Bruce and Hulk are merged…sort of. (Long, overly ridiculous story.) And of course Hulk and Wolverine don’t get along. You can guess what happens next.

Spider-Man and Wolverine with the HULK: “Mayhem On The Mount”

artists: darned if I know

After Spidey jokes about Logan changing to his brown outfit (which I like better than his brown although I prefer him black and blue), they pay a visit to Banner’s lab at the Mount and of course Hulk and Wolverine have to fight. Playing referee becomes the least of Spider-Man’s concerns when the Juggernaut smashes in to steal another of the place’s alternate energy experiments. During the fight he drops the name of his employer before the trio of heroes join forces to take him down. Angry that he sent the villain to attack his home, Hulk agrees to join Wolverine and Spider-Man to Latveria, because our mystery employer is none other than…DOCTOR DOOM!

Spidey, Wolverine, Hulk, and SILVER SURFER: “Lunacy In Latveria”

artists: Jim Craig (pencils), Dave & Dan Day (inkers)

They aren’t the only ones drawn to the country due to Doom’s experiments. Those experiments include strapping Jubilee to a harness to sap her mutant power to turn light into energy. It also turns into a killer robot (because of course it does) when the heroes arrive. However, Doom’s experiment threatens the sun itself and when it begins to overload the quartet must work fast to save both Jubilee and the world!


The first two issues are actually pretty good. They set-up the mystery well and Fein remembers Spider-Man is a scientist in his own right. The next two, however, tends to fall apart. I know Hulk and Wolvie don’t like each other but the fight between them still seems to be there because it’s a Marvel comic and not much else. The only save is that it’s short due to the size of the mini-comics. Part four, however, is the weakest of the quartet. There’s really no reason for Silver Surfer to be here. The whole “sun is threatened” thing is his excuse, but I don’t think Jubilee’s power is so strong that it threaten “the very fabric of the cosmos itself”, as Surfer proclaims when he finally gets to Latveria…after most of the comic is done. A quick appearance on the first two pages and he doesn’t show up again except to yell at Doom, blast the malfunctioning harness, and run off. He’s not even on the “heroes win” splash page at the end. And he’s supposed to be a spotlight character.

If you come across these comics together at a convention or flea market, isn’t too expensive, and you have some extra cash, it might be worth reading for the curiosity. They’re short stories…not as short as the MASK comics but shorter than your average Masters Of The Universe comic…but only the first two are even remotely recommended if you can’t get all four together. In a future (mini) Comic Rep0rt we’ll take a look at the second, five-part story but maybe not the next installment. I like to keep the variety going.

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