On the clutter side I got nothing done, including the project I had planned. I’ve been busy on projects and life this week. But I do have some plans that I hope to get working on.

  1. Finally getting to Video Game Clutter. I’ve had the first game scripted for almost a year, maybe longer. I now have access to a video capture device so at least I only need emulators for the Game Boy (regular and Advance) now.
  2. Speaking of going through my games I have a video project for the other site where I’ll be doing a “let’s play” of games with longform stories or at least a definite ending. These can then be turned into Video Game Clutter reviews that will be seen here and at a site called Reviewers Unknown where I contribute to.
  3. A selling page. I haven’t sold anything on eBay because I’ve been waiting to put money in my PayPal account. And I never seem to have the money available. So I’m going to try to sell through this site on a page that will offer purchasing information plus linking to my review. This is the project I wanted to do this week.

Things have been difficult and trying to turn the other site into a career has hit more than a few snags. I’m rethinking my future right now cleaning this clutter is still a part of it. Stay tuned and I hope to have an actual report next week.

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