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With the new Godzilla movie hitting theaters I thought this would be a good time to go over some more Godzilla merchandise in my collection. I’ve never really discussed my music collection or my audio dramas. I love a good audio drama. There are limitations due to no video they have to get across and it’s interesting to see what they can pull off.

In the 1970s, after the original series of Godzilla movies had finished, Wonderland Records produced a record with two audio dramas featuring the King Of The Monsters. In 1997, as Tri-Star and Roland Emmierch were releasing the previous attempt as an American Godzilla movie (and kind of failed at it) Drive Entertainment found and re-released the stories on DVD along with some “dance” remixes featuring audio from the dramas and an original theme that also gets a “clean” track. The music to be honest wasn’t all that great, but at least they didn’t damage my ears. So let’s ignore them and talk about the two stories.

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters


ORIGINAL PUBLISHER: Wonderland Records

RE-PUBLISHER: Drive Entertainment (under “Drive Golden” label)

Stories produced by Cinema Sound Ltd./Bonita Claudian & Box Goemann
Music produced and mixed by Gomi, courtesy of Pagoda Entertainment
Reissue producer: Stephen Powers
Repackage Design: Victoria Podolski
Production Coordinator: Priscilla Sanchez
Digital remastering by Mixed Nuts, N.Y.C

No credits given for the cast or original creators although I recognize a voice or two.

The cover is the same as the original album, a reuse of Marvel’s cover for their first issue of the Godzilla comic from 1978, drawn by Herb Trimpe. Otherwise, it’s not very spectacular. The “poster” the CD insert mentions comes from folding the insert out, and it’s the same cover art only full-sized as it appears on the covers.

There are two stories, Godzilla Versus Amphibion and Godzilla Versus The Alien Invasion. Both stories oddly start with some fishermen catching site of Godzilla. The second one is Godzilla alone, but the first has him chasing the titular Amphibion, a monster never used in the movies or the Marvel comic so there’s no image to show. They are also observed by a plane who takes the information to a paleontologist who confirms Amphibon is some kind of plesiosaur. He also calls Godzilla (and I’m probably spelling it wrong) a pleiosaur. That seems odd since there wouldn’t be an official name for his pre-mutated dinosaur form until 1991’s Godzilla Versus King Ghidorah where he was simply called a Godzillasaurus. It’s a good Godzilla fight for audio.

The second tale has Godzilla going deep inland when aliens pop up in Chicago. Oddly here he’s called a T-Rex AND a pleiosaur. Two alien hunters are our “ring announcers” for this battle. Godzilla fights more monsters, left by the aliens but mutated. This also follows the formula that Godzilla is considered a threat until some scientist convinces the general (same voice actor) that he’s a friendly creature. This is actually similar to what Marvel was doing with the Godzilla comics from Marvel, with SHIELD as the military. It’s decent enough. Neither are great stories but they’re pretty decent for what I think was targeted to kids.

I’m going to keep this one in my collection. It’s not easy putting Godzilla’s monster battles into a non-visual format but they tried and they aren’t too bad to have on in the background. Although I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who isn’t a die-hard Godzilla fan unless you have kids who are and like audio dramas.


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