This is going to be a short tip this week, but it’s something I’ve been doing. When you think of sticker organizing you may think of one you write something on, but here’s something I’m doing with stickers like the ones above. You usually think of these kind of stickers as rewards on a test paper or maybe an art project (although you might use larger stickers for that), but I found a different use. I’ve been going through my old comics to shrink down my bloated collection. I’ve discussed this longform project before. Well, I’ve also been reviewing it for my other site in a feature called “Yesterday’s” Comic. The question is how do I know which comic I’ve reviewed? Folks, I’m overloaded in comics. That’s where the stickers come in.


Bonus comic organizing tip: I write the title, date, and publisher on the backing board so I can find it easier in my storage box.

This recent issue of Scooby-Doo Team-Up is a recent acquisition but it’s one I’ve reviewed, so it has a sticker. Underneath it is an issue of Thunderbolts, which has yet to be reviewed. Therefore it doesn’t have a sticker. I don’t put the sticker on the comic itself but on the comic bag so the comic isn’t damaged. The stickers come in multiple colors on the same sheet but I only make my choice based on what color comes off covering the color. You can’t see it in this scan, but the Scooby comic has a sticker that doesn’t get hidden by the cover coloring. I also went to Staples to get the stickers because I couldn’t find what I wanted at the local dollar store and it was in the same plaza. You might find what you want at a nearby dollar or clearance store for less than I paid.

Now for those of you don’t do reviews this is still a good way to mark things, and these here come off relatively easy. Sticking with media examples say you’re going through your video, book, or music libraries and don’t remember what you’ve already watched, read, or listened to. So when you go through them again to see what you want, pop these stickers on to remind yourself that you’ve gone through them and want to keep them. Any piece of media you’re getting rid of goes in a box or something. (The comics currently cited for removal are currently in a bag to bring to the comic shop. If they can’t sell any of them I have to think of another option.) This will help keep track of what you know you want to enjoy again. The same is true for video games you’ve played through and done all of the achievements. Maybe you even want to use the colors for some other designation, like silver stars for documentaries, blue for comedies, red for….the stuff you don’t want the kids to see, or whatever color you want to assign to your arrangement. It’s just a small way to organize your media.

Do you have any other ideas for using these kinds of stickers to organize things? Pop them into the comments.