There’s a good reason there is no report today. I find myself in a unique position this week to put some extra effort into clutter maintenance this week (not counting anything that might come up) so I plan to take advantage of it. Instead of one report today you’ll see reports all week as I handle some serious project doing. I’m hoping by the time this week is done I will have…

  • cleared the comics off of the floor
  • organized my financial and other important records
  • shredded some unneeded documents
  • cleaned off the pinball machine (again) and the tapes on the floor
  • cleared off my DVR box
  • read through all my mail and put a dent in my e-mail (I only pay attention to things I believe might be bills)
  • bonus if I finally dust my bedroom

I’m not sure how many of these tasks I will complete, but you’ll see my progress during the week. Wish me luck and other moral support stuff!