Today’s mission hit a snag thanks to…issues. It’s kind of gross to discuss so I’ll just say Crohn’s and let you research it. However, I did get at least one project done today. The comics above are off of the floor. That’s mission accomplished in my book. So how did I do it?


I had another one of these storage boxes but since there was no place to put them in the bedroom I found a spot in the studio.


I didn’t take the picture of what that corner looks like now, but I had to put the tray away, move the mini photo studio to where the controllers are in that picture and put the last storage box there. Additionally I moved all of those papers so that looks better. Had I gotten the time I wanted more clutter would have been gotten through, but I did one last thing before I was done.


A future project will be going over this stack of cassettes I had in an ugly pile under the pinball machine. If they’re good I keep them. If not I throw them out. (Except for the Captain Marvel box set there these are all recordings from the TV, some to save and may have an official video in my collection now, and some were just daily recordings.) I don’t use the VCR in these days of the DVR but I like to keep my options open.

I wish I had completed more but that would require more time out of the bathroom. Hopefully tomorrow is more productive but at least my floor is usable now and no clutter close to my drawing space. I take the victories I can.