Well, I didn’t get much done, but not for the reason I thought. I was tired all day. I guess I didn’t get enough sleep. However, I got pretty far the past few days.


I finally got the comics off the floor. I read all but two of the newsletters, but all the rest of the mail has been read. I decided to wait on the records until either the end of this year or the beginning of next year since we’re so close to the end (only a few months to go) but I put stuff in the proper folders, so that’s a victory. I’ve recovered most of my floor. There’s just the matter of putting some things away and finding a proper home for others.


I also have access to my pinball machine again, which makes me happy. I may play some later.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get stuff I planned to do today tomorrow, but I still have e-mail and DVR recordings to go over. Sometimes I think this is going to be a never ending project but if I can get things better than they were I’ll be happy. We’re almost done with this super cleaning operation and there are enough signs of progress to make it worth the time. Now if I can get my schedule straight and get things done.