English: At a car accident, Newstead, 1952. On...

English: At a car accident, Newstead, 1952. Onlookers gather around a car accident in Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead. The car skidded. (Description supplied with photograph.). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had planned to do another book report for this week’s article but it’s been a long time since I’ve done a clutter clearing project, and I had a good opportunity to do one. Sadly, it came after I had a car accident. The car is repaired (after the body shop and insurance company wanted to total it), so I now I have to get my “road legs” back and get myself back to driving. Nobody was hurt but I was the rear ender on this one and that tends to shake one up. I hope never to cause that again, or end up on the other end.

Still, it means organizing the stuff in my car, seeing what I needed, and getting rid of the rest.

car clutter 1

This is all of the stuff I took out of my car. Driving gloves, tissues, sunglasses, maps (some of which I don’t need anymore for various reasons). It actually turned out a lot of this stuff I needed. For as messy as my computer desk always ends up being, my car is relatively clean. The only times I eat in it I take the garbage with me, so there were never empty fast food stuff or soda cans lying around for months on end. While my car isn’t immaculate I keep it clean. Then again, I don’t live out of my car in any sense. That’s why all my junk is in the studio.

Still, I didn’t have things quite as organized as I should. I keep small things in cubby holes and the glove box so nothing was rattling around to fly out. That said, there were times I had trouble finding things, so this was a good chance to fix that.

car clutter 2

I chose a box for each compartment and organized the items accordingly. Then I just took the box to my car and put the items where I planned to. (I had everything from my car in my bedroom until I got the car back.) I’m not going to show you my car on the internet, so you’ll have to take my word that it’s more organized now and I threw out a few things I don’t need anymore, or collected them in small bags to better use the space. Now I just have to get used to driving again. I’m not having nightmares about the accident but I’m going to be a more nervous driver again until I get used to things. Also, I’m not driving in that area unless I can see…possibly after sunset if it’s too late in the day. Well, at least the car is cleaner now.