Things are not going well around the house right now. I’m still out of work with no income and nearly dried up savings. My mother is in the hospital…again, and we’ve got people coming to do some work on the house. Minor work, but it meant the project I had to do this week was put my comic book storage boxes back in my closet rather than the “studio” closet, and I’m starting to think they’re better off there. What I lose in footwear storage I gain at better access to the comics, and I think I can eliminate some of space taken up by my way too many transforming robot toy storage boxes by putting them in the slightly larger studio closet. This is something I plan to try after the workers leave.

Something else I want to do is move the “clutter for sale” items that aren’t selling here and finally use my eBay account. I wanted something in my PayPal account but I’ve never had the funds as I was paying bills, losing my job before the final debt I had was paid off. Over the week, as I seek an income (I do have a Patreon connected to my BW work as well as PayPal donations, and yes I’m probably begging for help) I want to start putting stuff up on eBay with better pictures if possible, especially the older reviews that had terrible photographs. This is what I hope to report on next week as well as the results of my moving things around. I still have a lot to go over.