Well, that failed. Not only did job hunting and other issues keep me from doing the eBay thing (which requires new photos form a number of items) but I ended up putting the comic boxes back in the studio closet for various reasons. Failure is the kind of thing that can make you lose focus, but I have yet to give up. I’m kind of stubborn that way, and this is mess is still annoying me too much to surrender to it. Next week I hope to have a real article of some kind and hopefully get some stuff up on eBay or some other source because some of this stuff really has to go.

Something I really want to do is utilize my writing and video skills to aid in going through this stuff. I want to finally get Video Game Clutter going, for example, and maybe a transforming toy review show with my own style thrown in. My biggest collection issues are still the comics and Transformers, but a lot of my problem is still paper management, something else I really need to work on. A lot of this can be solved with better scheduling, trying to find time to write article, edit videos, make comics, clean up the clutter, and somehow find something that can pay my bills until any of those other things can actually become profitable as well as fun.

I don’t make “New Years Resolutions” but these are my main goals. How do you plan to attack your clutter issue (including a cluttered schedule) in the New Year that will last through the year and beyond?