English: eBay Logo

English: eBay Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The process has started. This week (yesterday, in fact) my mother came home from the convalescent home, and getting the house ready for that plus dealing with snow and looking for work were my priorities. But now I have items up on eBay, linked to on the “Clutter For Sale” page. As of this writing only the untranslated manga are up for sale, except for the One-Piece book that for some reason I decided to try in auction mode. I have a goal of posting something up every day as I go through my stuff. Some things require new photos, but the comic covers can be re-scanned easy. Then we can add new things as I find something else I want to get rid of. Hopefully everything will be cleaned out soon. Not only could I use the money but I could use a little more space up here.